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Vacuum packaging is indispensable in today's modern society. For food industry, vacuum packaging machine wraps food with freshness intact. When the package is opened, the original taste and flavor is retained, making our lives richer. We provide various types of vacuum packaging machines according to customer requirement.

What is a vacuum packaging machine?
A vacuum packaging machine puts product in a film bag, de-aerates the bag by decreased pressure in a vacuum chamber, and seals the bag. It prevents discoloring of product and heightens display effect. To avoid smashing, those with a gas-inflating function are available.

Only by placing a product in bag on a belt, the machine automatically fulfills series of vacuum packaging processes from vacuum-packaging, sealing, cooling and discharging.
Heat sterilization, freezing, refregiratable products, semiconductor, etc.

This versatile machine can handle various products in large bags, long bags, small bags, and bags containing liquid.

Perishable food, delicatessen food, pickles, semiconductor, etc.

A product placed on lower film, cardboard or tray is vacuum-packed with upper film, fitting closely.

Raw meat, fish cake, ham, bacon, etc.

This is an automatic packaging machine, fulfilling entire packaging processes of container forming, content setting, vacuum-packaging, sealing (gas charging), cutting and product discharging.

Fish slices, ham, bacon, drugs, etc.

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