Unusual size waste pipe

I measured the waste pipe under my downstairs closet sink as I want to
change the trap to one with a built in washing machine inlet. There is
not enough room between the water line and the top of the trap to add
a washing machine inlet with clamp.
The pipe is either 34 or 35 mm. I have never heard of waste pipe this
size, but went to my local Wickes and then Focus and they don't stock
pipe this size. They only sell 32mm and 40mm.
The other end of the waste pipe goes into the soil pipe at the rear of
the toilet. It looks to be a tight fit so how would I get a 32mm or
40mm pipe into that hole.
What can I do now?
Any advice gratefully received
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Gahh! I must be getting dyslexic in my old age, I read your original 34 as 43, I dunno what the solvent weld size of 1 1/4" is but it could be that, only the larger B&Q stock it round here.
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Andy Burns
"dog-man" wrote
How old is your house? I have a 1970s property and came across a similar issue. Can't remember the exact dimensions, but it was certainly a mis-match between old and new 1-1/2" waste pipe.
Contacted Marley on this one and they claimed that, around 30 years ago, waste pipe and push fit fittings were made to a slightly different size. Their recommendation was to buy one of their couplers which would fit both. This is not a push fit item, but the sort with tapered rubber seals and threaded retaining rings. This allowed me to replace all of my bath and basin waste pipe and connect to the older pipe close to the point where it enters the soil stack. You may be able to use this route i.e. replace more stuff and cut back the older pipe to an accessible point IYSWIM. Try talking to Marley technical, they were very helpful.
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