U.S. Medical Glove Leases Almost 1 Million Sq. Feet for Nitrile Glove Factory

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U.S. Medical Glove Company LLC. (USMGC) announced today it signed a 15-Year Lease on almost 1 million Square Feet in Montgomery, Illinois to establish the largest Nitrile Glove Machine Fabrication and Glove Production Factory Under One Roof.

MONTGOMERY, Ill., Aug. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- US Medical Glove Company -- the only maker of American-made nitrile glove machines -- signed a 15-year lease to re-purpose a former Caterpillar factory creating the largest nitrile machine fabricating and nitrile glove production glove facility under one roof in the world.

For American By Americans (PRNewsfoto/U.S. Medical Glove Company)

Chicago Area Caterpillar Factory in Montgomery, IL. To Be Re-Purposed as Largest Nitrile Glove Factory in World.

By making the machines in the same building as the gloves are made USMGC can ensure the most stable and reliable supply of Nitrile gloves in the world.

"American customer service, reliability and quality control can only be delivered by eliminating dependence on foreign made machines, not just foreign made gloves," said US Medical Glove CEO, Dylan Ratigan.

The new USMGC factory will house up to 80 American-made nitrile glove machines, capable of supplying 8.1 billion gloves annually. In addition, the factory will house 12 Chemotherapy specialty nitrile glove lines producing 1 billion chemotherapy rated nitrile gloves per year.

The strategic vision of 4 major integrated machine making and glove making hubs, will provide more than 3,000 direct jobs and 10,000 indirect jobs to be created in the US.

USMGC's mission focus is based on 3 things: highest quality glove production at scale through USMGC's own state-of-the-art high-tech manufacturing glove machines and ultimately, domestically sourced chemicals.

USMGC provides a unique pathway to critical supply chain security ensuring a bridge for onshoring value chains, catalyze new jobs, economic development, and climate change solutions including a focus on the creation of biopolymers.

US Medical Glove expects the factory will begin production of American-made gloves by the end of this year.


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