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    The ball of the floating valve by Pietro Fiorentini is mounted on a trunnion which supports the pressure load. The seats are spring energized and the body construction is one piece, made by forging or casting. The ball is inserted from the top and it’s possible to disassembly the valve in line.

    Mainly used for high-pressure transmission systems and for medium pressure gas distribution networks, it can be used with natural gas and previously filtered non-corrosive gases.


    • Design pressure: ANSI up to 420 bar, API up to 690 bar (10000 psi)
    • Design temperature: from -196 °C to +450 °C
    • Classe di pressione: ANSI da 150 a 2500, API da 2000 a 10000
    • Sizes DN: ANSI up to 60, API up to 11
    • Flanges: RF/RTJ according to ASME B16.5 and B16.47, BW according to ASME B16.25, 6B/6BX according to API 6A
    • End to end dimensions: according to API 6D/6A
    • Options: emergency sealant injection, metal seated

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