Effective Seal at Low Pressures

The CORTEC “DTB” Compact Trunnion Ball Valve provides oilfield customers a well-established design.

This double trunnion design effectively seals at low pressures, with reduced torque and flow turbulence in the through bore.


Features and Benefits

  • Double trunnions and spring loaded seats
    • Reduced torque and ease of operation.
    • Holds ball firmly in place and allow only rotational movement.
    • Independent upstream and downstream seats are spring-loaded, ensuring seats are always in contact with the ball.
    • Tight seal at even very low pressures.
  • The throttling ball design minimizes seat damage. Balls that are 2″ and larger can be throttled by rotating the stem/ball in either direction.
  • Extremely robust and reliable configuration.
  • Every valve comes equipped with a stainless steel vent fitting that allows the body cavity to bleed easily.
  • Quarter-turn design.
  • Operated as manual lever, gear operated, or actuated.



Double Ball Valve

The double trunnion ball valve offers redundant block & bleed capability and the ability to verify seat integrity.



Throttle Ball

CORTEC’s throttling ball design minimizes seat damage associated with standard throttle ball valves. Flow area through ball is characterized for linear flow control. Balls that are 2″ and larger can be throttled by rotating the stem/ball in either direction.



Integral Flanged Ball

Our integral flanged ball valve can replace standard length 6A/6D valves.


  •  Sizes range from ½” to 14” (larger nominal sizes available upon request)
  • ANSI CL1500 to 20,000 psi working pressure
  • Bore sized to common piping schedules
  • API 6FA Fire-safe design
  • Available in almost any size and type end connection
  • The DLB Class ball valve can be supplied with optional metal seat seals


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Download information on specifications, flange and size options.