Automatic Shrimp Peeling and Deveining Equipment



The shrimp industry’s accelerating global growth demands more efficient, higher-capacity, automated shrimp peeling. Laitram Machinery is making this revolutionary transition possible with technological advances and decades of applied expertise that deliver tremendous increases in processing profitability.

We invented the Shrimp Peeler...

We created an Industry ...

And then Revolutionized it. 


Rising demand…ever-increasing labor costs…a shrinking labor pool…narrower processing windows…more stringent food safety and traceability. These compounding forces are driving an accelerating and irreversible shift to automation. Automate now with Laitram to make this inevitable transition proactively with confidence.

Automating the peeling process requires a comprehensive “systems approach” integrating multiple interactive machines with expert engineering and services to produce excellent long-term results.


Laitram Machinery provides these complete Automated Peeling Systems for both Warm-Water (i.e. Vannamei and the Gulf of Mexico) and Cold-Water (i.e. Borealis and Jordani) shrimp, complemented by expert Service and Optimization teams, to produce the highest possible shrimp quality, yield, and throughput. ​


The unique Laitram Advantage:

  • Revolutionary technology resulting from a relentless commitment to the automated peeling vision and decades of significant, focused investment.

  • Expert turn-key project engineering and installation services resulting from many decades of field experience throughout the world.