SeaPeeler Flex


For almost sixty years there has been no significant development within shrimp peeling industry.
The new Seapeeler Flex is an innovative, compact machine, Which is easily installed in existing processing lines.

· Water consumption savings up to 90%
· Increased capacity up to 50%
· Yield improvement up to 4% = resulting in 39% yield*
· 50% floor space reduction
· 40-50% cost savings in service and spare parts


The SeaPeeler Flex provides a 90% water saving technology along with higher yield, programmable hardware and horizontal peeling.

The SeaPeeler Flex is designed with focus on optimizing all aspects of the shrimp peeling process which makes the SeaPeeler Flex ground-breaking in all aspects.

The SeaPeeler Flex is constructed with rotating rollers and driven by chains all around. This particular advantage leads to a shrimp peeling machine in with the shrimps are not being transported in water, resulting in a retained colour and flavour and - in the end - achieving a better end product and a cheaper production.

The complete process of peeling the shrimp has been optimized, resulting in a remarkable yield improvement and an excellent end product whilst saving money on water, floor space, operators and maintenance.
The new Seapeeler Flex will contribute to your economic advantage for a significantly increased revenue.


Roller width: 600 900 1200 mm
Numbers of rollers 72 76 88 pcs
Water consumption 11 13 15 l/min
Capacity* 400 600 800 kg/h
Service interval for rolleres 2000 2000 2000 hours

*) Pandalus Borealis