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Sandblasting Machine

A Powerful and Affordable Sandblasting Machine

What is a sandblast machine?

A sand blasting machine makes the overall processing of sandblasting more efficient.  This is because the machine transfers some work away from the user.  This is the principle difference between the terms sandblast cabinet and sandblast machine.  The work transferred may be to components such as wheels, guns, or baskets.  Today we will focus the attention on the last of those, the basket.

Easy, Powerful, Saves Time

When it comes to blasting small parts, handling them one at a time can be cumbersome and time consuming.  Consider milled parts that may require additional deburring.  What about parts that you need to prep for plating or painting?  From nuts, bolts, and metal plates to things like arrowheads and gun parts an automated approach is within reach.  A sandblaster where you can put the parts in a basket, turn a dial, and walk away while the work gets done is waiting for you.

Small Sand Blast Machine

There really isn’t magic behind a small sand blasting machine.  When it comes to a tumbler machine, the key is the basket.  The sandblast guns point at the parts and blast away.  But if the parts are not efficiently tumbled, the blasting is uneven.  This, of course, defeats the purpose of a the machine!  Basket construction is important as is the size.

Small Sand Blast Machine – Parts Basket

Pictured below are a few shots of a good parts basket.  You can see how easy it is to remove and insert the basket.  The basket has handles that allow you to lift it in and out.  This is so that you can easily transfer large quantity of parts into and out of the basket.  It is also perforated to allow abrasive media and blasting debris to pass through but not your parts!  Additionally you can see the ridges in the basket.  Those ridges are absolutely critical.  They help turn the parts over and over during blasting.

Parts Basket – Gun in Position

Parts Basket – Gun Out of Position

Parts Basket Removed

Inserting Parts Basket

How Does a Sandblasting Machine Work?

In short, very good!  Manually controlling the flow of abrasives is enjoyable and rewarding.  But, a tumbling sandblasting machine really saves YOUR time.  Whether you remove the basket and load the parts or just toss the parts in, that’s one step.  The next step is really just shutting the lid and turning the dial.  A sandblasting machine does the rest.  Abrasive flow begins and the powerful motor turns the basket.  Our parts basket is designed to actively tumble the parts.  Solid ridges inside the basket ensure all parts, no matter their shape, evenly tumble and receive direct access to the blast stream.

Parts Basket – Easy to Handle