ROCTEC Abrasive Waterjet Nozzles

ROCTEC abrasive waterjet (AWJ) nozzles are made from Kennametal’s proprietary process combining advanced materials without the need for a soft metal binder, as with traditional sintering technology using tungsten carbide/cobalt.

Together, the unique material and process technologies minimize nozzle wear, which allows longer cutting periods while maintaining precision performance. This same advantage in technologies ensures consistency in each nozzle, eliminating the need to reprogram a job when replacing a nozzle.


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ROCTEC® APX extends abrasive waterjet nozzle life as much as 20% over industry-leader ROCTEC® 500.

APX nozzles provide a longer period of precision cutting while increasing operational efficiency, with long life and consistent wear setting a new standard for high-performance cutting.

No Job Too Challenging or Complex

Waterjet shops can meet any demands with faster production speeds and longer production periods. ROCTEC® APX also enables customers to integrate the latest technological advancements in waterjet pumps and cutting heads.

  • Longer uninterrupted cuts
  • Precision cutting performance
  • Fewer nozzle changes for greater uptime

Performance Advantages

Consistent –Uniform bore growth maintains identical cutting accuracy and tolerance.

Reliable – Eliminate premature nozzle failures and scrap parts due to nozzle performance.

Predictable –Nozzles maintain the same accuracy throughout repeated cut cycles.

The most trusted abrasive waterjet nozzle for consistent, long-duration precision cutting.

Performance Advantages

Wear resistance – ​24 times greater than conventional tungsten carbide/cobalt nozzles in ASTM B-611 Abrasion Slurry Test. 2.3 times greater than tungsten carbide/cobalt in ASTM G-65 Wheel Abrasion Test.

Consistency – Superior bore growth compared to ROCTEC 100 improves cutting accuracy and tolerance levels.

Superior performance – Faster cutting speed and greater dimensional accuracy compared to ROCTEC 100 and tungsten carbide/cobalt nozzles.

Operational efficiency – Less machine downtime and longer nozzle lifespan compared to ROCTEC 100 and tungsten carbide/cobalt nozzles.

The workhorse waterjet nozzle for everyday cutting.

Performance Advantages

Longer nozzle lifespan

Better jet stream patterns and increased cutting speed velocity

Less downtime

Greater dimensional cut accuracy and precise cutting

Superior cutting performance

The ROC Process

ROCTEC composite carbide is a tungsten carbide-based material made by the patented Rapid Omnidirectional Compaction (ROC) process exclusive to Kennametal.

This process enables these advanced ceramic materials to be combined without using a soft metal binder and with very short consolidation cycles – minimizing the natural tendency of ceramic particles to enlarge when exposed to high heat for long periods.

Maintaining extra-fine grain size means better nozzle performance resulting in an extremely durable material that fiercely resists abrasive and erosive wear.

Superior Wear Resistance & Greater Accuracy

Superior wear resistance means a reduction in the number of AWJ nozzles purchased over time. Longer AWJ nozzle life also results in a better jet pattern and increased velocity. This means faster average cutting speeds and significantly less downtime for nozzle replacement and system calibration.

This also translates to greater dimensional accuracy and the ability to perform longer, uninterrupted cuts. These enhancements ensure a more cost-effective cutting process.

All leading abrasive waterjet system manufacturers design their systems with ROCTEC AWJ nozzles (also called mixing tubes or focusing tubes).

  • Consistent and long service life
  • Superior wear resistant
  • High hardness Vickers 25.5-27.7 kg/mm2
  • Longer service life than tungsten carbide

Comparative testing documents the extended service life provided by ROCTEC nozzles versus products made from tungsten carbide/cobalt.

ROCTEC has been the industry leading technology for over 30 years. Made in the USA and distributed by BARTON International.

Don’t settle for less.

Kennametal and ROCTEC are trademarks of Kennametal, Inc.

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