SPLIT SET® friction rock stabilizers

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How Split Set® Rock Bolts and Friction Bolts Work

Split Sets are rock bolts with only 2 parts, a tube and matching domed bearing plate. The high strength steel tube is slotted along its length. One end is tapered for easy insertion into a drill hole and the other has a welded ring flange to hold the bearing plate. With the bearing plate in place, the tube is driven into a slightly smaller hole, using the same standard percussion drill that made the hole. As the tube of the rock bolt slides into place, the full length of the slot narrows, causing radial pressure to be exerted against the rock over its full contact length.

Split Set® rock bolts give you a choice of tube and plate sizes.
In the hole, the tube exerts radial pressure against the rock over its full contact length, and also provides immediate plate load support.
Quality Standards Split Set® rock bolts (friction bolts) are manufactured to a highest standard of quality. Rigid standards of quality are achieved by exhaustive quality control, testing and inspection procedures. Detailed drawings specify materials, dimensions, and tolerances. Every Split Set® is identified with model number, length, factory, rolling date, and heat lot of the steel.

Fast, easy installation of our friction rock bolts reduces bolting costs. Rock bolts can be installed quickly, usually in less than a minute, using a jack drill, a stoper, a roof-bolting jumbo, or any other type of drill. Installation can be done in a few easy steps:

  1. Drill the hole.
  2. Replace the drill steel with a driver tool.
  3. Slide the plate on the tube.
  4. Drive the tube in with the drill / drifter
Rock Bolt Pull Tests Prove Sustained Grip

Pull tests help verify the effectiveness of the stabilizers upon installation and over periods of time. Pull collars may be used on selected tubes for later testing.

Utility Hangers

Split Set® utility hangers are available in 18 and 24 inch (46 and 61cm) lengths. They are used to support cables, ductwork, pipes, trolley wires, etc. They are not, however, for ground support, but they offer the same installation advantages as Split Set® stabilizers. Lightweight items such as ventilation tubing may be hung from the loop on the bearing plate.

Easiest Way to Install Screen & Mesh

Split Set® utility hangers can make screen and mesh installation much easier, faster, and safer. After your opening is secured with Split Set® stabilizers, install the mesh all at once by driving Split Set® utility hangers inside the stabilizer tubes.

No new holes are needed. There's no awkward handling of mesh at the end of a long bolt, or under unsupported ground. The mesh screen conforms to the rock tightly. No other rock bolt has these advantages.

Learn how using IR Split Set® rock bolts and utility hangers can save you money on your next job.

Download specifications in pdf format for:
Model SS-33 is 1.3 inches (33 mm) in diameter.
Model SS-39 is 1.5 inches (39 mm) in diameter.
Model SS-46 is 1.8 inches (46 mm) in diameter.

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