Air Pressure Booster Systems

Midwest Pressure Systems R, RL, 40 and 50 series air pressure boosters, also called air amplifiers, air pressure amplifiers, and air pressure intensifiers, boost shop air pressure. The pressure boost can be as low as 5 psi or as high as thousands of psi. Shop air is the motive force for the boosters, so they require no electricity, cooling water or lubrication. They are explosion proof, compact, easy to install and economical. Information describing our standard systems is available from the links below. The boost ratio is based on the supply air pressure.

Midwest Pressure Systems HL series boosters use a 1.5 horsepower hydraulic power unit to boost gas pressures to 450 psi, 650 psi or 2500 psi from supply pressures as low as 20 psi.

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We offer custom systems with higher boost ratios and flowrates than our standard systems.

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