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We applied the rotary-system pouch packaging scheme to our three-side pouch packaging machine ahead of other manufacturers in the world. The machine is capable of packaging at an ultra-high-speed of 200 to 1,000 pouches/min.
We are capable of handling various fills and films to our wide range of know-how accumulated over 45 years. The machine performs stably while operating at ultra-high speed because we have concentrated our productivity-enhancing technology into this single model. We supply this high-end model for ultra-high-speed packaging to customers across the world.

[Features and advantages]

Achieves the industry's highest level throughput of 200 to 1,000 pouches/min.

It is shipped equipped with a range of filling chutes to match the needs of various industries.

Reliable sealing with long heat treatment and a long filling time allow this model to package a variety of raw materials.

This model can be linked with peripherals to give a packaging plant solution.

We have made available a wide variety of later-process options.

Effects of cost reduction

Packaging materials
Labor costs and others

Original items of equipment and functions of the rotary-system pouch packaging machine

High sealing strength obtained through the long-duration and strong two-step sealing mechanism

Know-how on filling and a mechanism that allow products to fall with perfect timing

Automatic (film splicer)

A thickness sensor detects empty pouches.

Film-form original fabric air shaft

Tear notch

Vertical seal pressure digital control

Telescopic dosing device

IJP + print inspection

Hot roll printer

Feeder connection

Two blending filling

Delivery record

Powdered chlorophyll juice, soup base, parched salt, granulated sugar, kelp, tea, coffee

granules, tablet, granular medicines

Powdered facial cleansers, hair dyes

Industrial products:
Silica gel, Oxygen absorber

List of our rotary-system pouch packaging machine products