Vertical Packaging Machine — Top share in Japan
Kawashima’s Vertical Packaging Machine

Launched in 1961 reflecting various requirements of customers primarily in the food industry.Incremental improvements increased accuracy, securing the Kawashima Vertical Packaging Machine the top share in the industry.

KBF-6000UXR Vertical pillow packaging machine

KBF-6000UX Vertical pillow packaging machine

KBF-6000X2 Vertical Packaging Machine

KBF-6000X Vertical Packaging Machine

KBF-6000XR High Speed Vertical Packaging Machine

KBF-6000Xe Vertical Packaging Machine

KBF-6000XeD Vertical Packaging Machine

KBF-6000XeR High Speed Vertical Packaging Machine

KBF-6000XG Vertical Packaging Machine



Sophisticated, Reliable Construction
Kawashima’s Horizontal Packaging Machine

Kawashima’s horizontal packaging machine is pursuing for high usability.
It is hygienic and easy-maintenance structure which has been used by many customers.

KBF-7000V2 Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine

KBF-7000V Horizontal Packaging Machine

KBF-7500V Horizontal Packaging Machine – Film bottom load

KBF-700e Horizontal Packaging Machine

KBF-750e Horizontal Packaging Machine -Film Bottom Load-

GW-7 Horizontal Packaging Machine

KBF-74000ZⅡ Four side seal zipper packaging machine



Providing products that meet customer needs using the knowledge and experience gained through our long history.

If special packaging is required, we can develop and provide packaging machines to meet customer needs.We install equipment to match space within the factory as well as production processes.Combining our knowledge and experience gained through our long history gives us flexibility in making proposals.

KBF-3KHG/3KHN Vertical Packaging Machine

CSA Cup Filling And Capping System

GW-3145 Over Wrapping Machine

GW-45 Over Wrapping Machine

GW-50 Over Wrapping Machine

GU-211MC Over Wrapping Machine

RKW-101MC Over Wrapping Machine

SRK-200 Over Wrapping Machine

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