of its

The only carbon steel
press valve in the market.

Approved Applications

Apollo® POWERPRESS is approved for use in the following applications:



Compressed Air




Unmatched Quality & Reliability

Apollo® POWERPRESS products are manufactured using fully advanced automated modern machinery. This ensures a consistent, safe and high quality product. 100% of welded components undergo a leak test ensuring issue free installations in the field. In addition, all straight connectors with threaded ends are made from a single piece, thus eliminating potential leaks.

The only carbon steel press valve in the market.

Apollo® POWERPRESS offers the ONLY carbon steel press valve in the market.

Click-and-drag the valve to see a full 360° view.

Fitting Anatomy

Gas HNBR O-Ring


Leak Before Press®

Apollo® POWERPRESS includes a Leak Before Press® feature (LBP). This feature ensures that unpressed fittings will visibly leak during the low pressure test, ensuring that the issue is resolved before commissioning.

All fittings also include a break-away ring: a visual control feature that will snap off when the fitting is properly pressed, giving immediate verification of a properly installed fitting. This feature eliminates the need to manually mark fittings as they are pressed, saving installation time and improving installation quality.

Apollo® POWERPRESS Advantages

  • Simple, fast connections
  • Size ranges from 1/2” to 2”
  • Compact fittings for recessed work
  • Visual Press Indicator
  • Clear identification of materials of construction
  • Leak Before Press® feature (ensures visible leakage of non-pressed fittings)
  • Suitable for heating, cooling, steam, sprinkler (coming soon) and gas installations
  • Full line of integrated valves (eliminates need for adapters)
  • The Apollo® POWERPRESS system offers a complete solution with a wide range of flexibility. The system can be utilized on standard steel pipe and can be used with different brands of press tools.

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