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Higher quality, lower cost per part, and the flexibility to quickly adapt.

Get the Most out of Your Machines

Market pressures in parts production mean there’s no room for failure. You need to rapidly adapt volume and customization, sometimes overnight. Customers demand the lowest cost per part and world-class quality, even in the face of these requirements. 

We help you meet this demand with high metal-removal rates, rapid feed rates, greater accuracy and stability—technology that unlocks productivity with the features and functions to face challenges head on.

Makino offers a full line of Horizontal Machining Centers, Vertical Centers and EDM Machines. 
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Partner with a Team of Expert Engineers

Makino’s expert engineering team can help you plan, implement and fine tune your next manufacturing project.
With hundreds of Makino Turnkey solutions projects under our belts, our engineering experts will guide you through every step; advising what’s the best plan of action for your unique situation.
You’ll have an entire turnkey engineering solutions team on your side that’s focused on achieving the optimum balance of cycle time, cost, quality—while keeping ease of operation, ergonomics, part flow, and safety at the forefront of their design.

Partner up with Makino’s Turnkey Services and put the power of experience, expertise, and logically creative minds to work for you.
Turnkey Services

Automate to Achieve the Lowest Cost per Part

In manufacturing, there are three words which are the great equalizer. In fact, these words can mean the difference between winning a contract worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or losing it to your competition:  Cost per part.

In order to achieve productivity and optimize profitability, it’s essential to eliminate extra steps in the process. Doing so will reduce wasted dollars and effectively help you achieve the lowest cost per part.

Helping you optimize part costs is the driver behind Makino’s automation efforts. Our superior automated systems are designed to eliminate unnecessary processes, decrease cycle time, reduce machining costs, and improve productivity and profitability.
Discover how Makino’s automation services can help optimize your part costs to improve performance and profitability in your business.
Makino Automation

Achieving Optimized Cycle Times with the Right Machines and Experience

Makino machines have the rigidity and stability to push the limits and produce accurate results day after day.
Applications and manufacturing engineers enjoy the benefits of core-cooled ball screws, larger linear guides, and robust spindles that deliver high torque and power.
Not only do they have the best machines at their disposal, but they can also profit from decades of Makino part processing experience.
Cycle Time Reduction Secrets Revealed

Machine Options that Elevate Machining Processes

The ability to add Makino designed options to your machine gives you the power to crank up your parts production.
Managing chips with fixture wash, through fixture coolant, 1,000 psi through spindle coolant, or special coolant filtration keeps your production flowing smoothly. Enabling automation with robot interface and auto doors reduces your labor and lowers your part cost.
The Fixture Hydraulic Unit (FHU) provides continuous variable pressure with the ability to program clamp/unclamp sequences to dial in your part process. Imagine being able to program a part unclamp/clamp within the work zone to stress relieve a sensitive part between a rough and finish cut. Now imagine doing this all without stopping the process for an operator to manually perform this step.
The Fixture Hydraulic Unit

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