A small hole through which a fluid passes is called an orifice. A small hole for measuring the flow rate or a narrowed part of the hourglass is called an orifice.

A machine part that ejects fluid from a small hole at the tip of a cylinder is called a nozzle. The nozzle is a familiar part compared to the orifice.

Orifices and nozzles are often used synonymously, but in water jets:

In order to spray water pressurized to ultra-high pressure at ultra-high speed, an orifice with a small hole in a chip such as diamond or sapphire that can withstand ultra-high pressure is used.

In the case of an abrasive jet, Abrasive material is mixed to give more powerful cutting ability, but an abrasive nozzle is used to rectify the mixed water and inject it with good direction and good shape. .

In the case of a hydrojet, there is no need to mix abrasives, so an abrasive nozzle is not necessary. However, considering the workability, it is better not to change the position of the injection port (distance between the device, injection port, and workpiece) at any time. In order to do this, a water nozzle is used.

An orifice is attached to the tip of the water nozzle to make the water jet nozzle function.

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