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When your business depends on robust equipment that is capable of fast blend times, lower power consumption and ease of cleaning whilst maintaining the highest levels of product consistency, uniformity and homogeneity, we can help.

From standard powder mixers to bespoke, custom-built equipment, we offer a range of equipment suitable for mixing and blending powders with differing bulk densities and particulate characteristics.

Our range includes rotating, tumbling action and ribbon mixing and blending equipment to suit a wide range of applications and production requirements, from lab to industrial-scale. All of our mixers and blenders incorporate a variety of customised features designed to meet the rigorous standards of the food, pharmaceutical, additive manufacturing, mining and speciality chemical industries.

We also offer trials in our mixing and blending test facility where blends can be trialled across a range of blenders to identify the optimum solution.

Double Cone Blender

British Rema’s Double Cone Blenders provide efficient but gentle tumble-action blending for the homogeneous blending of dry powders.

Double cone blenders are widely used in many industrial applications where attrition needs to be kept to a minimum. They are available in a range of materials to comply with particular industry requirements in capacities ranging from 5 to in excess of 7,500 litres.

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V-Cone Blender

The V-Cone Blender is a traditional, rotary, tumble-action unit. Its classic cylindrical ‘V’ shaped curves ensure the good rolling and cross mixing of product, giving shorter mixing times as well as allowing quick access to internal areas for easier cleaning.

Available from laboratory to production scale from 5 to in excess of 7,500 litres capacity, the unit features a main drive with variable frequency control to adjust the blender’s rotational speed, and a smart-stop arrangement to ensure that the blender always stops in an upright position.

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Octagonal Blender

Available in a range of sizes, designed for capacities from 5 to in excess of 7,500 litres. This octagonal-shaped, slow-tumbling blender is especially suited to applications where attrition needs to be kept to a minimum.

These machines are useful where a large volume blender is required, but where height restrictions may limit the use of a double cone type blender. The design is especially suited to dust-free operations as it can be used in conjunction with dedicated bin charging and discharging systems.

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Interchangeable Blender

Our multi-purpose Interchangeable Blender is designed for flexibility in small-scale blending operations, all in one economical unit.

The innovative Interchangeable blender uses a common base-frame, with single-sided support for double cone or V-cone bodies which can be easily interchanged.

Blender cones are available in a range of sizes with capacities between 5 and 100 litres. This offers maximum flexibility in that a wide range of batch sizes can be handled without the need for multiple machines.

Rapid changeover between double cone and V-cone bodies means that a single machine can be used to process powders having widely ranging properties.

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Ribbon Blender

British Rema's Ribbon Blenders are available in a range of sizes in excess of 7,500 litres. Each unit consists of a horizontally-mounted, ‘U’-shaped trough containing a longitudinal shaft and double helix blender bar.

Ribbon blenders are specifically designed to move materials both radially and laterally, imparting shear and impaction, whilst still maintaining a relatively gentle blending action, ensuring a homogenous blend is achieved in powders not easily processed in tumbling action blenders.

These machines are primarily for the blending of dry powders, but can also be used to process powder/liquid mixtures at high solids content.

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Mixing and Blending Test Centre

British Rema’s mixing and blending test facilities are available to customers who wish to assess mixing performance of existing products or new blend formulations.

To ensure a quality end-product, there are many considerations to take into account when selecting mixing and blending equipment and processes.

Our facility is now available to assist customers in selecting the most suitable blender type or process for optimum blending performance.

All the equipment in our mixing and blending test facility is designed and manufactured by British Rema and is constructed of stainless steel, featuring sealed lids and butterfly-type discharge valves.

Small to medium-scale trials with dry powders or products with a very low liquid content can be carried out on our test equipment which includes:

  • 30 litre V-Cone Blender
  • 30 litre Double Cone Blender
  • 50 litre Ribbon Blender
  • 500 litre Double Cone Blender

If you would like to talk to us about how you can benefit from using our Test Centre please contact us.

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