Miniature Ball Bearings

SPB-USA LLC offers a huge selection of miniature bearings in both inch and metric designations for maximum compatibility across various applications. We offer bearings in dimensions as small as 0.6mm bore diameters and are a recognized leader in the manufacture of precision ball bearings and other medium-sized bearings. 

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Our miniature ball bearings have excellent frictional torque performance, making them a perfect fit for a range of high-speed motor applications. You can get our instrument ball bearings in steel, chrome, or stainless steel. 

Instrument ball bearings are used in a variety of applications, including dent handpieces, motors, medical devices, the crusher industry, automotive, mining sector, agriculture, the textile industry, metal industry, home appliances, fluid machinery, and heavy machinery. We also have extra-miniature bearings, extra-thin-type bearings, flanged bearings, extra-thin-type flanged bearings, and large-sized stainless steel bearings. 

What Are Miniature Ball Bearings?

Miniature ball bearings, also referred to as precision ball bearings or instrument ball bearings, are micro bearings used for extremely high speeds. Instrument ball bearings have bore diameters that do not exceed 0.3937”. The size of these bearings allow them to rotate at high speeds with minimal vibration or noise.

Miniature ball bearings are used in a variety of applications because they help reduce friction between parts that move independently — while also saving on space in tight areas such as in semiconductor equipment, medical applications, and instrumentation. 

No matter what kind of project you have, there are a range of ball-bearing sizes to suit your application. These small bearings are usually machined, and they include the inner ring, outer ring, snap rings, retainers, shields, and balls. 

Features of a Miniature Ball Bearing

Miniature ball bearings come in different types and various designs to meet virtually any precision instrument application requirement. Some of the bearing types include high-speed radial, full ball complement, radial retainer, angular contact, thrust, and pivot. 

Extra small and miniature bearings are usually sealed with rubber seals and shields to prevent any possible lubricant leakages or dust entry. This facilitates easy handling, while sealing devices also enable a seamless process.

Some of the notable design attributes that allow precision ball bearings to deliver the desired results include:

  • Seals and shields for contamination protection
  • High tolerance levels to exact application requirements
  • Performance testing for friction and noise
  • Rigorous factory lubrication from a stock of several lubricants
  • Extended flanged outer rings and inner rings for mounting capabilities
  • Contact angle and radial play variations to enable different deflection requirements and application loading

Ball Bearing Solutions from SPB-USA LLC

SPB-USA LLC has consistently offered high-quality EZO Precision Ball Bearings across various industrial, scientific, and commercial applications. Available in both metric and inch designations, our miniature ball bearings are recognized for their high-level performance capabilities that accommodate rotation with extremely low friction. 

We have perfected the art of manufacturing miniature ball bearings, so we always maintain the highest quality standards. Therefore, our EZO bearings have the exact characteristics you need for a lasting performance. Reach out to our team today for more details about EZO Precision Ball Bearings or request a quote