Laser tube for CO2 laser

Article number: MQ-TU-40


All CO2 laser tubes will eventually need to be replaced. The average lifetime of a laser tube depends strongly on the type, quality, temperature, laser power used or mechanical load. MetaQuip supplies spare laser tube for CO2 laser or replacement if the laser tube is already broken, with different laser powers. It is important that you select a tube for the power that fits your CO2 laser machine as the rest of the machine is adapted to the laser power.

Laser tube for CO2 laser in different capacities

These tubes are guaranteed to work with MetaQuip CO2 machines, but probably also with a large number of other machines. MetaQuip takes no responsibility for this. Laser tubes can not be returned.

Technical specifications

  • Brand: Yongli or RECI
Length [mm] Outside diameter [mm] Rated Power [W] Maximum Power [W]
 1250  80+/-2  80  100
 1400  80+/-2  100  120
 1650  80+/-2  130  150
 1850  80+/-2  150  180

Delivery time

12 weeks if not in stock


The following applies to CO2 laser tubes:

  • The supplier continuously tests these tubes at 80% power in lab conditions, constant temperature.
  • With these test conditions, a theoretical lifespan of 1500 - 2000 hours (40W & 60W tube) and 6000 to 8000 hours (80-100-130-150 W tube) is achieved.
  • In actual use, this lifetime will be shorter, because of the following deviating operating conditions compared to the previously described test conditions of the supplier:
    • the tube is often switched on / off
    • the tube is not used on continuous 80%

Hence, under normal conditions of use, these hours have been translated by MetaQuip to:

  • 6 months for the 40 & 60 Watt laser tubes
  • 9 months for the 80-100-130-150 Watt laser tubes

The above guarantees are based on installation and adjustment by an experienced MetaQuip technician in a MetaQuip machine. On laser tubes that MetaQuip delivers to customers using the laser tube build in yourself, MetaQuip provides a 3-month warranty.

To send

Glass tubes are fragile and we therefore do not send them with regular package services, also because they cannot provide a guarantee for the transport of glassware. We use our regular courier for this, however, the shipping costs are higher. Self-collection is of course also possible. Contact us for the exact prices.

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