Kennedy Valve
1021 E. Water Street
Elmira, NY 14901
Phone 607-734-2211

From its facility in Elmira, NY, Kennedy Valve manufactures a complete line of hydrants and valves for waterworks distribution, potable and wastewater treatment and fire protection systems for domestic and international markets.


  • C509 Resilient Wedge Gate Valves 2"-12"
  • C515 Resilient Wedge Gate Valves 4"-54"
  • Class 150 Butterfly Valves
  • Class 250 Butterfly Valves
  • Cushion Check Valves
  • Double Disc Gate Valves
  • Eccentric Plug Valves
  • Flap Valve
  • Horizontal Swing Check Valves
  • iHydrant
  • Increasing Check Valves
  • K17 Industrial Hydrant
  • Kenflex Check Valves
  • Kennedy 507 Check Valves
  • Kennedy Guardian Hydrants
  • Kennedy Vintage Hydrants
  • Mud Valves
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Rotating Disc Gate Valves
  • Series 112 Air Release Valve
  • Series 228 Check Valves
  • Series 31 Gate Valves
  • Series 32 Gate Valves
  • Series 614 Double Offset Butterfly Valves
  • Shear Gate Valves
  • Solid Wedge Gate Valves
  • UL/FM Butterfly Valves
  • UL/FM C509 Resilient Wedge Gate Valve 2"-12"
  • UL/FM C515 Resilient Wedge Gate Valve 4"-16"
  • UL/FM Check Valves
  • UL/FM Indicator Posts
  • UL/FM Kennedy Guardian Hydrants - K81

Kennedy Valve is located in the bustling City of Elmira, New York. In 1877 Kennedy Valve started making hydrants and valves in lower Manhattan, New York. The plant moved to Coxsackie, New York in 1890. In 1907 the operation moved to Elmira where it currently employs more than 400 dedicated American workers. During World War I, the plant made shell casings. During World War II, the plant made valves for the Victory Fleet Program and various parts for aircraft carriers and landing craft.

In 1962, the Grinnell Corporation purchased Kennedy Valve. In 1963 Kennedy Valve purchased the Mathews Hydrant from R.D. Wood Manufacturing Company. In 1969 the Grinnell Corporation was purchased by ITT Fluid Technology. In 1988, McWane, Inc. of Birmingham, Alabama purchased Kennedy Valve.

Kennedy Valve manufactures a full range of both AWWA waterworks products and UL/FM products for fire suppression including fire hydrants, gate valves, butterfly valves, check valves, grooved butterfly valves, and indicator posts.

Kennedy Valve is recognized as one of the most experienced manufacturers and suppliers of waterworks and UL/FM products in the world. Kennedy does it all while utilizing lean manufacturing policies and procedures. Our modern state-of-the-art facility and cutting-edge technologies have made us an economic, environmental and community leader. From environmental upgrades to advanced training initiatives and community outreach, we work every day to make sure that Kennedy is the best in the business.

Kennedy Valve’s Mission Statement

  • Customers: 100% on-time delivery, 100% quality products, continuous improvement
  • Employees: A healthy and safe work environment, a culture that values each employee, job security, fair compensation and opportunity.
  • Community: Active partnership, environmental stewardship