IVAC SOLUTIONS: Concrete and Aggregate Pumping Services

IVAC SOLUTIONS: Concrete and Aggregate Pumping Services

Concrete and aggregate pumping services are in high demand worldwide. Large scale infrastructure projects by developing and emerging markets help to drive this welling demand. Efficient ways of bulk product transfer for the multiple components of concrete will be required at all points of the trade network. IVAC manufactures industrial vacuums for concrete and aggregate pumping applications that deliver your bulk material pneumatically. The systems can pump and place mixed concrete, transfer bulk loads of aggregate and many other jobs on site. Efficient for both wet & dry material, our pumping equipment will keep working for years virtually maintenance free.

Pumping Concrete Components

Concrete is a material composed of various aggregates bonded together with a cement paste that hardens over time. The strength and durability of reinforced concrete enables engineers to design and complete massive projects. The IVAC PV250 & PV500 can pump and place mixed concrete exactly where it is needed on the job site. We specialize in long distance pumping while working in congested areas. 0ur systems utilize industrial hose to get around obstacles and place the concrete precisely in the required location. Contact IVAC to learn more about our VLA upgrade and how its’ powerful vertical draw will keep your concrete flowing (even straight up!).

Cement Pumping

Cement is the world’s second most consumed resource just behind water (Yes, IVAC can pump that too). Dry bulk cement is transferred from storage silos to barges and other transport vehicles in enormous quantities. Industrial vacuums can deliver the material quickly while keeping issues of concern such as dust, product loss, moisture etc. to a minimum.

Gravel Pumping

Crushed stone or gravel is an aggregate used in concrete production. Gravel can be transferred pneumatically with an industrial vacuum as a safe and efficient alternative to outdated manual and mechanical processes. IVAC supplies standard pick up tools for gravel applications as well custom tools and hopper units. Discharge hoppers are used during the transfer process to control product release and place material directly in transport containers.


Sand Pumping

Sand is another aggregate used in concrete production. Pumping sand requires a powerful system able to withstand constant abuse. Sand pumping applications were recently covered in a blog post titled “IVAC SOLUTIONS: Industrial Sand Pumping

Author’s Note:

Experimentation with the use of fly ash in concrete mixtures has provided very positive results for varying applications. The addition of fly ash has many benefits to the industry as a whole, not just the product quality of the concrete. Fly ash is an abundant material and its’ usage in concrete could lead to some major technological breakthroughs for carbon control. Creating a fly ash market would open a large industry for the recovery and extraction of fly ash in current land fill sites. The positive benefits to the environment by cleaning up these deposits and reducing the carbon footprint would be drastic. The financial benefits to the companies and countries willing to be on the front edge of this technology will be rewarding as well.


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