Industrial Burner

Regenerative Burner

A burner that recovers waste heat by alternating combustion.


Model FFR-700 FFR-350
(A) φ665 φ480
(B) 360 360
(C) φ795 φ600
(D) 373 303
(E) 550 460
(F) 732 623
(G) P.C.D.φ745 P.C.D.φ540
(H) 16-φ23 12-φ19
(I) 410 360
(J) 41 34
(K) JIS-5K 125A JIS-5K 100A
(L) Rc40A Rc25A
(M) Rc40A Rc25A

Single-end Radiant-tube Burner

The high-efficiency burner that recovers waste heat with a heat exchanger installed in the burner head.

Standard specification

Radiant-tube burner (type of single-end)
Model Outer tube outside diameter (mm) Maximum outer tube length (mm) Maximum efficient outer tube length (mm) Capacity (kW) Gas pressure at burner (kPa) Air pressure at burner (kPa) NOx (ppm) Noise level (dB) Maximum furance temperature (℃)
80SERT 80A 1,800 1,500 20.93 ≧ 7.8*1 ≧ 7.8*1 ≦ 80*2 ≦ 80*3 950℃
100SERT 100A 2,300 2,000 34.89
150SERT 150A 2,800 2,500 69.78
* Including gas, air metering orifice, spark rod and observation port as standard parts. And flame detector ultraviolet , exhaust gas recirculation are available.
*1 The pressure “Air, gas pressure at burner” is for combustion control device *2 Reference data: O2 11% conversion, 800℃ *3 Noise level: “A property” JIS C 1502-1990 distance 1m.

Metallic High-speed Burner

The burner that gushing high-temperature, high speed flames from the nozzle convective heat transfer effects.

Standard specification

Metallic High-speed Burner
Model Capacity (kW) Piping size Installation bolt Weight (kg)
Main gas Pilot gas Air
MH10 116 Rc3/4 Rc1/2 Rc1 1/2 4-M16 18
MH20 233 Rc1 Rc2 30
MH40 465 Rc1 1/2 Rc3 8-M16 50
MH80 930 Rc2 JIS-5K
MHA20 233 Rc1 Rc1/2 Rc3 4-M16 32
MHA40 465 Rc1 1/2 JIS-5K
8-M16 52
MHA80 930 Rc2 JIS-5K

Swirl Jet Burner

The burner that burns only gas by ejecting it from multiple spiral grooves.
【Low fire】
【High fire】

Standard specification

Swirl jet burner (Inner screw type)
Model Outer diameter (mm) Length (mm) Piping size Material
15SJ 26 30 Rc1/2 Stainless steel
20SJ 34 35 Rc3/4
25SJ 42 45 Rc1
Swirl jet burner (Outer screw type)
Model Outer diameter (mm) Length (mm) Piping size Material
15SJ 21.7 30 R1/2 Stainless steel
20SJ 27.2 34 R3/4
25SJ 34 39 R1

Piping Burner

The simple burner with a flexible length and capacity, with one or two rows of flame holes and flame retaining plates attached to the pipe.

Metal Knit Burner

A new type of surface combustion burner made of refractory metal fibers.
It can be formed into variously shaped surface combustion burners.

Ladle Heating Burner

Portable ladle heating burner, pre-mixing type, mounted on insulating lid.
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