How Can My Business Benefit From A Cartoning Machine?

In this age, it has become increasingly important for companies to find ways to stretch resources while reducing expenses. If you're looking to limit expenses in the long run, an effective course of action would be to automate operations.

Many products across numerous industries require cartons, which calls for an effective and efficient system to package these items. Although varied, cartoning machines are built to boost productivity and help sidestep the tiresome and time-intensive work that comes with manually forming and loading cartons. The usage of cartoning equipment has become increasingly widespread.

What Is a Cartoning Machine?

Also referred to as a cartoner, a cartoning machine is a packaging automation equipment that is built to make cartons. It helps with erecting the carton, folding, closing, side-seaming and ultimately, securing it after its been filled.

What Are the Different Types of Cartoning Machines?

Cartoners are grouped into semi-automatic cartoning machines and automatic cartoning machines with reference to the level of automation.

1. Semi-automatic Cartoning Machine

With semi-automatic cartoning machines, products have to be manually loaded into the equipment. Although this makes the equipment easy-to-operate, it negatively impacts the production speed and output. Compared to automatic cartoners, these machines are more labor-intensive and therefore several operators are required.

2. Automatic Cartoning Machine

Automatic cartoning machines are sophisticated and allow for automatic feeding, which means that less human intervention is required. This cartoner can inspect and detect the integrity of carton packaging, and this helps uphold high product standards. Employing this equipment can give your company a competitive edge or help you stay on par with your competitors.

Automatic cartoners feature a range of accessories including:

  • Inkjet printers
  • Brochure insertion system
  • Folding systems
  • Hot melt adhesive systems

In addition, cartoning machinery is grouped into horizontal cartoning machines and vertical cartoners, with reference to the orientation of the carton.

The ideal cartoner for your company is determined by your style of carton, your primary product, and how itll be loaded.

3. Horizontal Cartoning Machine

As the name implies, products are loaded from the side when using this cartoner. This equipment operates either intermittently or continuously, and it also allows for automatic lateral loading.

Horizontal cartoning machines are suited to an assortment of food items including rice, grains, pizzas, and cakes

4. Vertical Cartoning Machine

When it comes to vertical cartoners, the carton moves through the system in an upright position. The box is then filled from the top. Based on the level of automation of your cartoner, this process is completed manually or automatically.

Vertical cartoning machines are suitable for naked product packaging and routinely used with detergent powder, rice, and dried pasta.

Working with a Cartoning Machine

First, a cartorner will pick up one flat fold carton which is then positioned onto a hopper. It is then conveyed to an area of the equipment where its opened up and erected. The carton is then moved to a loading bay. Here, a product or a number of products are carefully loaded through an end that is open.

The filled carton is then folded, sealed, and secured by applying glue or an adhesive. In the final step, the system ascertains the integrity of the cartons. The machine then discharges the good cartons through the carton chute. 

Advantages of a Cartoning Machine.

How can your business benefit from using cartoning equipment? Lets review the 6 rewards of employing this machinery in your operations.

  1. A cartoner can help increase efficiency in your packaging process. This equipment completes packaging operations at a faster rate and with higher precision than human employees. Since cartoning equipment requires minimal human intervention, employees can focus on other essential operations in the production process. 
  2. Cartoning machines can help your business save money. The equipment replaces several workers for a long duration. Therefore, you can cut production costs and save substantially on wages each year
  3. When employees are working for long durations, mistakes are bound to happen. With cartoning machinery, you can avoid these unnecessary errors which can prove to be costly. Although the machine is not 100% error-free, it significantly reduces the error rate.
  4. Investing in cartoning equipment can increase customer satisfaction for your business. That is because cartoner machines can help you achieve high product standards consistently. High-quality packaging enables your company to match its customers expectations. In particular, an automatic cartoner confirms the integrity of the cartons which ensures that any faulty packaging is detected.
  5. The safety factor is high while using cartoning machines. Employees can avoid injuries and health hazards since theyre not as involved in the packaging process. This can be especially useful when dealing with toxic, irritating, corrosive, and radioactive products. In such situations, these systems will not only help keep employees safe but also help your business avoid potential lawsuits.
  6. A cartoner is a great investment with a high rate of returns. With this equipment, you can double or triple your current output. As time goes by, youll be able to notice the tangible benefits of this system once you do a cost analysis.

Final Thoughts

Cartoning machinery is built to help businesses achieve increased productivity, and it can be an invaluable addition to any company. The ideal equipment for your company will be determined by your product, budget, and speed requirements. You can also order custom cartoning equipment that fits your specifications.

If youre looking to buy a new cartoner and need more expert help in your buying decision, contact us now at Blueprint Automation. Our team would be glad to help you find a cartoning machine that fits your product requirements and business objectives perfectly.

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