What is Co2 laser tube + PERSI brand introduction

What is a Co2 laser tube?

In this article, we want to explain to you what a Co2 laser tube is and what its function is, and we also introduce the powerful PERSI laser tube, a product of IranPadra Co.

Co2 laser tube is one of the most important and widely used components in the CO2 laser industry.

This very sensitive and important piece can be used to engrave and cut different types of materials such as: wood, fabric, leather, glass, stone, etc. The laser device tube is used to store CO2 gas and generate laser device radiation.

IranPadra Co is a provider of quality Co2 laser tubes with a 4-month replacement warranty called PERSI and with the ability to recharge for various devices.

Types of Co2 laser tubes

Laser tubes are produced and offered in metal (RF) and glass types. In Iran, its glass model is often available and it is also more popular that the F250 Co2 laser tube is a type of glass. These laser tubes are made of durable glass, which is chosen because of its high temperature tolerance, which is well able to withstand the heat generated.

This Co2 laser tube has different powers such as 100-80 watts (model F1250), 100-120 watts (model F1450) and 150-130 watts (model F1650), which is an extraordinary advantage over other models and It has brands in the market. One of them, which we describe, is the rotation of water around the lens and the mirror, which causes these two vital parts of the laser tube to be cooler and have a lower temperature.

This rotation of the water also increases the life of the whole tube significantly.

Persi brand Co2 laser tube catalyst

Another major difference between IranPadra Laser Tube (PERSI) is that other brands are imported by sea and land, but this product is imported to Iran by air and reaches the consumer faster. This faster arrival is one of the most important factors in the life of the tube.

PERSI brand Co2 laser tube is one of the important components in the laser industry, which consists of three layers of heat-resistant glass. The innermost layer or the first layer of a combination of several special gases in an isolated environment is charged. On one side of the product is a mirror and on the other side is a lens, which is a number of lenses used to focus laser light.

The layer after the first layer is the layer inside which water is filled, whose job is to cool the tube. This water can be any kind of water, provided that it is changed constantly, once a week, as much as possible, so as not to damage this product.

After leaving the chiller, this water enters from the end of the tube and then leaves from the top. The next coating and glass layer (third layer) covers the whole of it. This outer layer is highly sensitive and must be extremely careful not to break during transport.



PERSI brand co2 laser tube



IranPadra CO2 laser tube, which is under the name and brand of (PERSI), is produced in China and is sent to Iran on behalf of IranPadra Company.


Co2 Laser Tube Lifetime and warranty

What is the lifetime of a laser tube?

Choosing the right brand and high quality of the tube guarantees its longevity; But in general, the life of the tubes depends on several factors, including the amount of function, adjustment of the device, environmental conditions, maintenance and the amount of function. Observing all these points will help increase the life of the tube.

In addition, if you observe all these items, the life of the laser tube will be long, PERSI brand laser tube from the time of production, its life is more than 10,000 hours and Iran Padra Company guarantees this product for 4 months, so that any problems during this period. There was a decrease in power, deceleration, pulse problem, etc. (except for broken body and non-compliance with maintenance conditions), customers do not have to worry and by referring to our office to replace their purchased product.

Important Note: It should be noted that the tubes are very fragile and the room temperature must be precisely adjusted when working with the laser device so that they are not damaged like fractures.

Again, due to the great importance, we mention that PERSI brand CO2 laser tube of IranPadra Company has the latest production date in the market. (“For the reason mentioned above, this product will be imported by air”)


How to adjust a Co2 laser tube

The CO2 laser tube is placed on the back of the laser device and produces the laser beam; The rays are then transmitted to the focus lens or lens of the device by the first, second and third mirrors. (The function of the lens in a laser device is to receive the radiation and focus it at one point.) Note that the correct adjustment of the mirrors and the laser tube is very important because it has a good effect on the life of the laser tube.


Cases that cause laser tube failure

There are many things to consider, and it may be thought that complete depletion of the gas in the tube is the cause of the tube failure. These include:

  • No temperature adjustment
  • Moisture penetration
  • Contamination of interior mirrors
  • And…


Temperature control

The laser tube needs a certain amount of heat to perform the cutting or engraving operation well and without problems; But to prevent overheating, the flow of water through the laser tube causes the device to cool down.


Tips for maintenance and protection of Co2 laser tube

The laser tube is one of the main components, as well as the expensive one, of the laser device, so always try to be very careful in maintaining it.

Some important tips for better preservation of the tube are:

  • Do not turn on the device until the laser tube mirror is completely clean and has even very little dirt on it.
  • Wipe the surface of the laser tube mirror with a solution such as 70% alcohol and a cotton ball or tissue.
  • Use an alcohol spray to clean the Co2 laser tube mirror.
  • Use the specialized methods described here to adjust the laser mirror.



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