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Modern design, exquisite and elegant appearance, and compact space. In delfar, you can obtain high-quality glass elevators with these characteristics. As your most professional glass elevator manufacturing in China, the delfar design team can design for you and integrate with the architectural environment. The integrated sightseeing elevator makes it a beautiful landscape. Glass tube elevators are widely used, and they are fully compatible with private buildings, shopping malls, and high-rise office buildings.
In addition, delfar all glass elevator also has the characteristics of reasonable price, sturdiness and durability. We can assure you that the quality of our glass elevator meets international standards. You are welcome to send us an inquiry immediately, and we hope to be able to help you.
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Provide One-Stop Service for Your Panoramic Elevator

As a professional manufacturer of commercial glass elevators, delfar provides one-stop service for your glass lifts. You can choose from a variety of circular glass lifts. We believe that there will be one you are satisfied with.

Read more about the technology and features of Delfar circular glass elevators.

Why Choose Delfar Round Glass Elevator?

The humanized design of the Delfar scenic elevator allows limited space to give play to extraordinary performance, a smooth and comfortable ride experience, and the panoramic view of the exterior of the elevator brings passengers a sense of safety and enjoyment. The glass capsule lift is very cost-effective and deep. Recognized and loved by overseas customers.

High-quality national standard steel​​​​​​​
High strength, good plasticity, good toughness, waterproof and corrosion resistance, light and high temperature resistance, uniform material, high working reliability, simple structure manufacturing, short construction period, good assembly, green building, and sustainable development characteristics.​​​​​​​
Optional safety light curtain​​​​​​​
The elevator light curtain is a fiber optic elevator door safety protection device. When any beam of light is blocked, the control system immediately outputs the door opening message, and the car door stops closing, which is beneficial to protect the safety of passengers.​​​​​​​
Easy to use
The full intelligent control system and a new generation of control cabinets are noise-free, and the appearance is a mini cabinet that occupies a small space and is beautiful, ensuring fast and accurate response to various commands.​​​​​​​
Exclusive customization​​​​​​​
A variety of styles can be selected, suitable for various decoration styles, can be flexibly configured according to different requirements, support customized services, safe and reliable, and personalized design.

Delfar-China's Leading Commercial Glass Elevator Manufacturer

  • As a leading glass elevator manufacturer in China, Delfar has advanced modern production equipment and instruments, intelligent comprehensive production workshops, perfect after-sales service guarantee system, and professional installation and maintenance. Our professional technicians, sales personnel, Construction and maintenance personnel, scientific management and strong technical force ensure the quality of the glass elevator. Delfar continues to develop and innovate, providing glass elevators with more advanced technology, more reliable quality and better service to our customers. At delfar, you can get a glass elevator that satisfies you.

Delfar:Perfect Service System to Provide You with Highest Quality Circular Elevator Service

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Q Can you do customized product?

    A Yes. We can produce customized elevators and escalators as per customers’ requests or pictures.
  • Q What is the delivery date for your product?

    A Usually 30 days for production since the date that we get your confirmed drawing, contract and payment.
  • Q What is the warranty time for your product?

    A 12 months since the date we doing container loading in our factory.
  • Q Where is your company located?

    A We located in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.
  • Q What product can you offer?

    A Our product includes 9 series which are Passenger elevator, Observation elevator, Bed elevator, Freight elevator, Car elevator, Home elevator, Dumbwaiter, Escalator, Moving walk.

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