Glass Elevator for Commercial

BDFUJI Glass Commercial Elevator
Beauty: The design of a transparent car implements the stunning view of tourism.
Safety: Design strictly, specializing in manufacturing. Intelligence: Collection of scientific and technological, to realize intelligent management of elevator.
Efficiency: Achieving high-speed data transfer speed and high-speed lifting.
Energy-saving: From energy-saving to energy generation, comprehensively promotes the elevator to be low-carbon and green.
Product Description
The commercial glass elevator is a blend of style and practicality. It features a circular, glass-like, clear acrylic system that provides users with a magnificent panoramic view once they enter the interior.
Each BDFUJI commercial glass elevator has a clear shaft and cab. This simple design offers many possibilities for extending mobility into a home or small commercial building. So the elevator requires minimal installation and preparation. No machine room needs to be set up and no pit or shaft needs to be created in the existing space.

Product Type Glass Elevator without Machine Room(MRL)
Product Name Glass Elevator for Commercial
Rated Capacity 400kg-2000kg
Rated Speed 1.0-2.5m/s
Door Opening Center Open /Side Open
Floor Material PVC or Marble
UPS System(ARD)/IC Card Optional and Customized
Scope of application Residential Elevator, Office Elevator, Hotel Elevator, Apartment Elevator, Business Elevator, Building Elevator

Commercial Glass Elevators Manufacturer
As a manufacturer of commercial glass elevators for commercial and residential buildings, BDFUJI is well versed in custom and unique products. Our talented and skilled designers emphasize a high level of design, customizing our products in a variety of shapes and materials. This is not an easy task for large companies. Therefore, given our expertise in the design, manufacture, and installation of high-end elevators for commercial buildings, we are able to keep our pricing competitive and therefore easily beat the big companies. Our installation team also has extensive experience in the professional installation of custom elevators.
Advantage In Technology
1. BDFUJI traction machine, cooperates with world-renowned brands, High-end brand components enhance the quality image and escort safety.
2. The control system, developed jointly with Japan YASKAWA, has high performance and the life of electrical components is up to 10 years;
3. For the Door system, we are working with the TOP quality Door. We pay more attention on quality.
4. We have strict quality control management for the selection of component products, and strive for excellence in each component.
5. In addition to the components, we also strictly require the precise design in the production process, then do the model design, and finally, in the production and quality control, we have strict system requirements to ensure that the on-site construction is carried out, and the parts are delivered without errors.
Advantage In Installation Service
Our professional team will provide 24-hour technical support during the
elevator installation process. For the good operation of the elevator, escort.
Advantage In After-service
We offer a 24months Warranty.
Also, we will ship some spare parts within containers for your stock.
During the warranty period, if any part is damaged, we will send it by DHL in
the first time.

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