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PVC Gate Valves

PVC gate valves are placed at the cross section of a line where a shutoff valve may be needed. They have a user-operated handle and a gate that either fully closes or fully opens to allow flow or shut off flow, with a few models allowing for throttling as well. PVC Gate valves can be used in many applications where flow needs to stop without turning off the flow to the entire system, such as in landscaping applications where stopping the flow without draining the entire system is necessary.

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A PVC gate valve has an actuator, which is the handle, a housing, which holds the valve, and a gate. The handle on a PVC valve is typically a hand wheel or lever. The gate is a small piece of PVC that blocks the flow of the fluid in the valve when the valve is in the closed position. When the valve is opened, the gate lifts completely out of the path of the flow, allowing the fluid to flow freely. The gate should not be opened partially to restrict flow, as this can create strain on the structures within the valve, particularly if the system is a high pressure system. Similarly, gate valves do not need additional pressure to close completely. When the flow stops, the valve is closed. Additional pressure can damage the valve.

Gate valves made from PVC are quite durable and ideal for outdoor applications, because they resist freezing and can withstand temperatures of up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. They are also highly corrosion resistant, which makes them work well for chemical applications. The fact that they are made from PVC makes them an affordable alternative to copper and other metal valves, yet the durable plastic ensures that they will still provide years of reliable use. PVC gate valves are commonly used in pools, plumbing, waste water control, tank drain valves, spas, plumbing, IBC products, fish tanks, aquariums and septic systems. Gate valves come in a range of sizes from ½ inch to 14 inches, depending on the intended use, to fit many different systems.

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