Gas Engine Exchange Ltd
27 Old Gloucester Street
London, WC1N 3AX
Company Number 10271864

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have been the core of the business for 20 years. We are specialised in generator sets in good condition. Either with low hours that can be used immediately and with a long life in them or older engines that can be purchased to service or major overhaul and start up again on a project.

We work as a dealer and trader of used generators. We also work as a search agent finding the specific models and requirements when people request a model for a project. We have a very wide selection of used generators for sale. To see the full inventory please click on the All Stock Button in the header or choose by category or brand at the top of the page.


is where we started trading; originally within the landfill gas industry. See more on this in the company history on our about page. The director was working on a landfill gas plant and this is where we had our first gas engine for sale. Following this we diversified into biogas generators, natural gas generators, diesel generators, turbines, ORC’s and Power plant ancillaries. Pretty much any kind of used power generator or anything related.

And That is the reason for this new website:- to find a way to properly organise and display the ever growing amount of used generators for sale in the UK, Europe and the World.