Auto Breading Machine

Shrimp processing Machine


This machine specializes for fried shrimp, fried crab claws, skewers, barrel shape, ball shape. Regardless of the type and size of bread crumbs, it can breading.

Model of special specifications creates higher value-added products.

Specifically, "sliced almond bread crumbs" and "corn", “steamed meat dumpling skin of the strip-shaped form”, it can do circulation transport without a shock.

Steamed meat dumpling with the strip-shaped form skin

Fried shrimp

Fried crab claws

Fried oyster



  • Produce up to 7200 pieces of deep‐fried food per hour!
  • Very cost saving! It needs less operation amount required for operation of the machine.
  • The batter circulation tank is prevented the reduction in the quality of the batter due to continuous operation by cold jacket and cooling circulation.
  • Inside of the machine, It is maintained optimal amount of bread crumbs by the sensor management.
  • Does not damage the bread crumbs! It considers the characteristics of the bread crumbs. And it has the structure that does not give a shock to the bread crumbs.
  • Improvement of operability! Easy to use.
  • Very hygienic! Cleaning auxiliary equipment is included. Structure is easy to clean.
  • Also available on a flat patty like shrimp cutlet! If it is connected a other type of butter ring machine.



SUS 304

Machinery installation dimensions

Opening dimensions:W 6,140mm

Depth:D 4,070mm

Height:H 1,755mm

Capacitance  3 -phase 200v 1.83kW

Performance (calculated with a shrimp as 13g)

Up to 7,200 per hour

※Specifications and appearance of this product is a case to change without notice for improvement.