Sartorius' Family of Filter Papers for the Laboratory and Industry

100+ different grades of filter and technical paper and boards for nearly your every need!

High-grade filter papers are indispensable for routine work in laboratory and industrial applications. Sartorius is proud to offer a full range of 100+ individual grades of filter and  technical papers or boards all manufactured to our exacting standards and engineered to solve all your filtration challenges.

  • Quantitative and qualitative filter papers for nearly every need
  • Technical papers and boards for a variety of specialties
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 environmental management standards
  • Proven product consistency and with many customizable for exact customers requirements

Ash-free Filter Papers for Quantitative and Gravimetric Analysis

Sartorius Ash-free Quantitative Filter Papers: The Colored Dot marks the Spot!

Sartorius offers a large portfolio of top quality, ash-free (ash content <0.01%), 100% cotton fiber linter filters designed especially for quantitative and gravimetric analysis. Moreover since Sartorius is all about using science to create solutions, we offer these ash free filters with a variety of thicknesses, with characteristics and flow rates from wide pore and fast to narrow pore, and slow rates --each uniquely designed to solve a particular filtering challenge.

  • Made of 100 % cotton linters, 7 different grades for nearly every need
  • Ash-free (Ash content < 0.01 %)
  • Wet-strengthened construction & Color-coded box for easy selection
  • Multiple diameters, thicknesses, particle retentions and filtration rates
  • Supplied in sheets, discs, as well as folded formats

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Qualitative Filter Papers

When quality really matters!

These paper grades are specially designed for analytical purposes and routine analysis. Qualitative filter papers are available for a wide range of different needs and applications. Like our other filter papers, Sartorius’ high-quality filter papers are available in multiple diameters, thicknesses and filtration rates and supplied in discs, sheets or folded filters papers – as individual as your requirements.

  • Large variety of different paper grades
  • Low ash content (0,06 – 0,15 %)
  • Multiple diameters, thicknesses, particle retentions and filtration rates
  • Supplied in sheets, discs, as well as folded formats

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Papers for the Absorption of Liquids

Keep your liquid samples under control!

Whenever a liquid must be captured, Sartorius offers a large variety of paper grades to ensure best results. Filter Papers for Absorption are used not only for general absorption applications but also for blotting, chromatography, seed germination tests or even protection of surfaces.

  • Multiple dimensions, thicknesses, particle retentions and colors
  • Supplied in rolls, sheets, discs, as well as pleated formats

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Special Papers

Special task require special papers!

Special Filter Papers from Sartorius comprise solutions for separation of liquid samples with hydrophobic and hydrophilic phase or clarification of suspensions with very coarse particles or a high load of finest particles.

  • Selection of different paper grades
  • Multiple dimensions and particle retentions
  • Supplied in sheets, discs, as well as folded formats

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