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MR8 SERIES PREMADE POUCH PACKAGING MACHINE Beautifully PackageUp to 80 Bags/Min Premade Pouch Packaging Machine can pack most products with a fast speed. Choosing suitable prefabricated bags can greatly improve the appearance and ease of use for consumers.
MRZK SERIES AUTOMATIC VACUUM PACKAGING MACHINE Vacuum PackageUp to 80 Bags/Min Our Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine is based on the design of a premade pouch packaging machine. It has the characteristics of vacuum packaging and premade pouch packaging, while maintaining a very high speed.
MRM SERIES quad seal bag packaging machine Quad Seal BagUp to 40 Bags/Min The quad seal bag packaging machine is specially designed for packaging quad seal bags, which has all the advantages of our rotary packaging machine, has officially come out.
EC-420/520/720 SERIES VERTICAL FORM FILL & SEAL MACHINE Low PriceUp to 60 Bags/Min The Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine is a very wide range of machines, which can handle packaging in most industries, with a lower price and a fast speed.
DXD SERIES HORIZONTAL FORM FILL SEAL MACHINE Larger Block PackUp to 290 Bags/Min Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine is used to pack larger blocks, and the Double jaw can double the packaging speed. At the same time, the lower price makes it very suitable for products that adopt low-price strategies.
RJ-AFL SERIES PISTON LIQUID FILLING MACHINE Easily Fill Viscous LiquidsUp to 60 Bottles/Min The RJ-AF Automatic Liquid Piston Filling Machine is designed for the automatic filling of liquid with certain or high viscosity, such as oil, hand sanitizer, cream, sauce, honey, ketchup, etc. The machine is mainly used in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

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