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Play Video about LAZRTEK Touchless Drive Thru Truck Wash System

Introducing LAZRTEK Touchless Drive Thru Truck Wash System

LAZRTEK Touchless Drive Thru Truck Wash System

is designed for large vehicles such as 18-wheel tractor-trailers, military vehicles, heavy equipment, garbage trucks, tanker trucks, mining equipment, and other large, irregular-shaped vehicles.

This machine utilizes self-adjusting, robotic high-pressure spray arches to provide a consistent, brilliant wash result. The fixed arches allow the equipment to move through the wash bay, washing the front and rear with an overlapping movement. The arches wash down the sides of the vehicle with pivoting nozzles. This is one of the very few touchless systems capable of self-adjusting to different widths and irregularities of heavy vehicles and equipment.

Why Lazrtek?

Drive Thru Truck Wash Business Opportunity

Superior Business Model

Truck Drivers today want 3 things: Speed, Good Price, Convenience.

LAZRTEK ’s touchless drive through wash systems are state-of-the-art systems with new chemical formulas especially designed to deliver express washes to Tractors, Trailers, undercarriages, Buses, RVs, Heavy Equipment, Box Vans, and all size trucks and delivery vehicles as well as interior trailer clean outs, all automatically.

Labor costs are greatly reduced, water and chemical costs are reduced by 2/3rds. Drivers can order their chosen service and pay in advance via our new truck wash app.

The combination of speed washing (not more than 6 mins.), speed ordering and payment coupled with a really clean truck result delivers what drivers and fleet operators are seeking.

High Profit Margins

With express-speed washing systems, Truck Wash Operators enjoy the ability to wash more vehicles per day with 1/3 the water cost and 1/3 the soap and chemical costs. Only 1 attendant is required to operate the touchless washes reducing labor by as much as 80%. The IOS and Android App-based wash service ordering and payment system keeps drivers in their vehicles and reduces operator labor cost. Drivers order in advance so operators know what wash volume is coming over the next few hours and can properly prepare for traffic management.

A LAZRTEK touchless wash system increases Operator profitability by adding 67% efficiency to the operation. If you are a fleet washer, LAZRTEK touchless wash systems likewise add 67% efficiency in a combination of water conservation, soap and chemical use reduction, zero labor and automatic efficiencies so drivers never leave the vehicle making LAZRTEK wash systems ideal for Transit Systems, School Bus operators and RV operators.

Low Competition

The main competitors in the truck wash business deliver their services by hand utilizing 2-step wand power washing.

Average time required to get a truck and trailer washed today at the competition is over 2 hours making the actual cost of a truck wash when considering wash cost, lost utility, driver time, insurance and idle time fuel cost, is over $200.00 per wash.

Recession Resistant

The Trucking industry, Logistics Industry, Delivery Service Industry, Transit industry, School Bus industry, RV industry have all grown significantly due to the explosion of Ecommerce, local distribution centers, last mile delivery services and effects of the pandemic.

With vehicle numbers climbing exponentially, there is more traffic on the highways and local that is seeking washing services. Governmental agencies are regulating greater vehicle cleanliness which is increasing the absolute necessity of vehicle cleanliness, both outside and inside.

Recession economics will not significantly impact commercial vehicle traffic and may actually further increase home deliveries and RV vacation travel.

Industry Experience

LAZRTEKleadership team has over 35 years of experience in the Truck, Trailer, Bus and RV washing industry and we know what it takes for a new truck wash business or a new fleet wash solution to get off to a strong start.

We support our customers every step of the way with many useful business management tools to help you succeed in cost savings, efficiency and profitability.

Top Support Systems

LAZRTEK nationwide service support systems provide our customers a huge advantage over competitors in their local marketplace.

We help set our customers up for growth from day one with our proprietary digital marketing strategy sales kick-start program, billing support, and cash flow Program.

Hybrid Touchless/Brush Vehicle Wash System

LAZRTEK Hybrid Touchless/Brush Drive Thru Truck Wash System is ideal for large vehicles such as military vehicles, heavy equipment, garbage trucks, tanker trucks, mining equipment and other large, irregular shaped vehicles. Ideal for large and smaller fleets that have a demanding vehicle wash schedule.

Our drive through truck wash system washes the vehicle in less than 15 minutes allowing for the driver to continue their day meeting the stringent DOTD guidelines. This machine utilizes three self-adjusting, robotic high-pressure spray arches. One horizontal top arch, and two vertical side arches. The hybrid touchless/brush wash system also self-adjusts to accommodate different widths and irregularities of large equipment.

Touchless Drive-Through Gantry Wash System

LAZRTEK Touchless Drive-Through Gantry Wash System is designed for large vehicles such as 18-wheel tractor-trailers, military vehicles, heavy equipment, garbage trucks, tanker trucks, mining equipment, and other large, irregular-shaped vehicles.


This system is  capable  of  self-adjusting  to different widths and profiles of heavy-duty vehicles including those used for military, construction and mining operations. LazrTek touchless drive-through system is also ideal for mixed vehicle fleets – such as those used by municipalities and school districts.

LAZRTEK Drive Thru Truck Wash System Features

LAZRTEK is committed to manufacturing, installing, and supporting large vehicle wash systems that feature superior engineering, reliability, and performance. Our mission is to provide our customers with equipment comprised of the lowest life-cycle cost on the market today.

LAZRTEK and its partners are a manufacturer of automatic Large Vehicle Wash Systems which include environmentally-friendly bus wash, truck wash, and train wash equipment. LAZRTEK also specializes in wastewater treatment with advanced water recycling at each of its facilities

LAZRTEK‘s touchless washes operate at high pressures utilizing state-of-the-art chemicals and soaps without abrasion to thoroughly clean the dirtiest equipment, leaving a spotlessly clean and shine.

Through its partnership with Envirochem, Inc., LAZRTEK serves Walmart, FedEx, Ashley Furniture, Winco Foods and Kroger.

LazrTek Drive Thru Truck Wash System Advantages


Remove dirt, oil and corrosive materials that can build up under your vehicles.


Optimized high-pressure spray pattern blasts away dirt, mud, road salt and other contaminants.

Render of LAZRTEK Drive Thru Truck Wash (formerly JETT Truck Wash)


Location is one of the main key elements for Success. With our team’s experience in  real estate, we continue to focus on growth potential areas. This location has an estimated 35,000 truck pass each day.

Fleet size, vehicle configuration, and wash cycle are just a few of the factors that will help determine which system is right for your business.

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Get a Free Consultation

Our knowledgeable staff will help you determine the best equipment for your fleet.

By clicking “Give us a call”, I consent to being contacted by a representative of Lazrtek.

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