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BIBKO Concrete Recycling Systems

BES are proud to be the official distributors for BIBKO Concrete Reclaimers and water purification equipment, for the Ready-Mix Concrete Market, in the UK & Ireland. BIBKO® are specialists in residual concrete and wash water treatment for the ready-mixed concrete and associated markets. BIBKO® and BES have a team of engineers with many years of proven experience in the Concrete production and Concrete recycling industries providing turnkey, tailored solutions, to meet individual customer requirements.

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Turn your concrete liabilities into assets!

Are you looking for a concrete waste disposal system? You’ve come to the right place…. we can help! Our team of experts have, in excess of, 25 years of experience in the sector and can design, bespoke, concrete reclaiming equipment to meet your requirements. We can help you segregate sand, gravel and greywater from return concrete. We make washing your concrete mixers and pumps effortless, efficient and profitable. Our equipment can extend the life of your plant and will help to ensure compliance with the current regulations.

BIBKO® Comtec Recycling Systems

BIBKO® Comtec and Comtec Mobile Recycling Systems are designed to effectively process residual concrete and provides a perfect solution for medium, and large, ready-mix concrete companies operating in excess of 5 ready-mix concrete trucks. The mobile option of the COMTEC Recycling System can be installed on a flat concrete surface, with an agitated grey water tank, without any underground foundations.

  • Recycling capacity of 4, 10, 20 and 30 m³/h
  • Dosing buffer and a special extension allow for fast discharge into the machine
  • Large capacity wash drum (0.5-3.5 m³) guarantees best performance
  • Compact design. No foundation mobile option available.
  • Light aluminium cover supported by gas pressure springs
  • Heated option available
  • All bearings are outside the water bath
  • Hot-dip galvanised for longevity

BIBKO® RWS Recycling Systems

BIBKO® RWS and RWS Mobile Recycling Systems are designed to effectively process residual concrete. It is the perfect solution for all small ready-mix concrete companies and mobile ready-mix concrete plants. The mobile option of an RWS Recycling System can be installed on a flat concrete surface, with an agitated grey water tank, without any underground foundations.

  • Recycling capacity of 4, 8, 12 and 18 m³/h
  • Compact design. No foundation mobile option available.
  • Heated option available
  • Hot-dip galvanised for longevity

BIBKO® DOUBLEX Recycling Systems

BIBKO® DOUBLEX Recycling Systems are designed to simultaneously process two different products that should not be mixed, such as Concrete and Anhydrite. The system is based on the COMTEC Recycling System design which allows for material washing and a separate residual water recycling.

BIBKO® Filter Press Solutions

Residual and wash water, that is in excess or can’t be reused in production, can be purified with the help of a filter press. By using a chamber filter press, residual/wash water can be filtered down to a few microns. Filter plates are filled directly from the recycling system or from an agitated tank using a hydraulic press which applies high pressure to squeeze the water out. Particles caught inside the filter plates can be utilised, in the form of cakes, after the process. Clean water can then be stored in water tanks to be reused. The pH value can also be reduced by further treatment.

  • Purification of residual/wash water with fine particles
  • Purification of coloured water
  • Simple handling of the filter cake
  • Little space required, high filtration performance of the system
  • Low operating and maintenance costs

BIBKO® Discharge buffer and pump discharge add-on

The productivity of a reclaimer can be greatly increased by using a Discharge Buffer. This add-on allows faster discharge of multiple vehicles in the same time, greatly reducing the time mixer trucks spend on washing. The buffer is installed directly in front of the recycling system where residual concrete is stored before it is transferred to the system. The material is then continuously fed to the downstream recycling system with the correct conveying speed.

An additional screw conveyor, with an underground bin, is another add-on that eases the operation by allowing washing of the pumps (and other equipment) at ground level. It is a cost effective, and efficient, solution which allows for the simultaneous washing of mixer trucks and pumps. It is also suitable for the cleaning of any equipment that can’t be washed at the main recycling system.

BIBKO® External bucket elevator add-on

The external bucket elevator is an alternative to the pump discharge conveyor. It is used together with COMTEC Recycling System and allows washing and dumping at the ground level. The attached buckets take up the wash water, as well as the residual material, and feed it to the actual recycling system. In addition, the external bucket elevator allows collected wash water (e.g. from the concrete plant) to be fed into the recycling system.

BIBKO® Sand and gravel separation add-on

A vibrating screen can be implemented into the recycling process to separate the recycled aggregates into sand and gravel, with 2 or more fractions. The recycled material can be mixed with the rest of the aggregates, and reused in manufacturing, without affecting the quality of the final product.


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