Check Valves

Proco Products are leading check valve manufacturers and suppliers designing cost effective check valves to prevent the back flow of fluids and gases. Check valve suppliers provide several types of valves including ball and flap type check valves however rubber check valves have the advantage of not only being durable and effective, they also reduce the likelihood of common maintenance problems.

A rubber check valve is a fully passive device requiring neither maintenance nor any source of outside power or manual assistance to operate. Proco Products manufactures rubber check valves to be quickly interchangeable with ineffective, maintenance-ridden flap type check valves to eliminate seizing, rusting or binding in unwanted positions. Our check valves are made to work with ultra-quiet operation, do not warp or freeze and are designed to prevent standing water and eliminate trapped solids.

Proco Products manufactures check valves for industries such as water and wastewater, steel, pulp / paper, power generation, oil and gas, mining, marine, chemical, petro-chemical, food processing and HVAC. We supply check valves for use in sewage treatment plants, outfalls, tidal and pre-existing pipelines such as manholes and vaults.

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