Working width: 400 mm

Capacity: up to 20000 pcs/h

Compressed air: 6-7 bar

Weight: 400 kg

Electric power: 380 V, 50Hz, 3 phase

Dimensions LxWxH: 1200x1210x2000 mm

Power: 3 kW

Cycles / min: 10 to 55

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The hopper of the forming machine is filled manually or automatically using either continuously Buyer’s transport system continuously or manually.
The body of the hopper is made from food-grade structural ultraplastic.
Safety bunker crossbar performs emergency stop switch function, especially stops the machine if the operator performs loading of a container (not acceptable in the case of automatic loading).
The mass is feeding into the rotating device by means of special clamping devices and systems. After forming the products fall on the belt cantilever structure.
Security devices provide the machine off if the front door is open. The side doors of the molding machine are made of aluminum or stainless steel optional.
Control of movement of the forming device is a frequency-controlled actuators. The touch panel allows the operator to maintain the formulation, production parameters, simplifying machine management.

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Cereal Bar Forming Machine