Case Packing Machine


For the packing process of your products, the Avanpak Fully Automatic Case Preparation Machine prepares empty parcels without human touch and carries out the Box Filling process.

The products coming from the production line are automatically grouped in a formation suitable for the parcel placement. The products transferred to the robot are held with vacuum, gripper or magnetic gripper systems unique to your products and filled into the parcel. No harm will come to your products in these processes. Optionally, you can place two or more layers of product in the parcel and put a spacer paper. After your products are packed, your production is completed by closing the top covers and taping with a Fully Automatic Box Sealing and Banding Machine.

The main purpose; Less cost, low energy use, a very high speed of work and twice the efficiency, as well as being able to produce higher quality products. It allows you to plan your production, make healthy, hygienic and untouched production.

End of Line Extra Applicable Features;
  • 1- Weight Control
  • 2- Metal detector
  • 3- Labeling
  • 4- Palletizing
  • 5- Stretching

We are in full compliance with your production line and factory location with our special designs.

Technicial Specifications
  • Operator control system: 10” Touch PLC Screen
  • Capacity: 6-24 boxes / min. (For single coat) (Varies for single head, double head and triple head machines)
  • Cartesian Robot type 2-axis
  • Empty box magazine capacity: 120-150 boxes
  • Door and safety switch sensors for occupational safety in machines
  • There is communication between machines.
  • To the duct tape mechanism: 4-6 cm wide duct tape can be attached
  • Machine warns in case of box, tape and separator decrease
  • Required air pressure: 5 – 6 bar
  • Electricity: 380 V. 50-60 Hz. 1 Ph
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