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Power Drill Presses

When a standard drill doesn't provide enough power to get the job done, a press can power through to complete the task. In addition to performing regular tasks, you can also sand and polish items using the proper heads. Shop new, used, and Certified Refurbished power drill presses on eBay, including tools from trusted brands like Delta, Craftsman, WEN, JET, and more.

Certified Refurbished Power Drill Presses

You can get a great deal on a Certified Refurbished power drill press. These tools are renewed and sold by eBay-approved sellers. Each of these products comes with a like-new guarantee (including accessories, instruction manuals, and packaging), a free return/replacement policy (within 30 days of receiving the item), and a two-year hassle-free warranty. We also regularly monitor our sellers to ensure they're meeting our stringent quality control metrics so buyers know they're getting the best.

What is a Power Drill Press?

A standard drill allows you to drill holes through many materials. After a certain density and when cutting steel, though, you need more pressure to do the job. That's where a drill press comes in. You may know a drill press by other names, such as a bench drill press or floor drill press. They can be bolted into a hard surface, like a workbench, stand, or even the floor. Components include the base, column, table, quill or spindle, and the head of the equipment. Handles are located on top of the head and move the spindle and chuck up and down. Chuck keys are a critical piece for use of the spindle, so make sure to keep them in a safe place.

What Types of Drill Presses are Available?

There are presses that are designed to be mounted onto a work bench or table, and there are compact models designed for portability. The differences include the following:

  • Weight: The power press designed to be mounted will frequently weigh more as they will need the extra weight to balance the heavier jobs. Compact models are meant to be light enough to travel.
  • Speed: Compact models will have lower drilling speeds as a result of their reduced swing capabilities. A mounted press machine with a 14-inch swing can perform much faster.
  • Horsepower: Your compact model machines will not have horsepower. You can find larger machines with as high as a 3/4 horsepower motor.