Woodworking Lathes

Shop all sizes of wood lathes as well as parts and supplies, including adapters, inserts, and faceplates. The selection includes both freestanding lathes and lathes with beds and full benches. Brand name machines like JET or generic machines and parts are available.

How are lathes measured and classified?

Lathe sizes will contain multiple measurements. Each of these measurements represents a dimension of the working area or another capacity of the lathe. For example, the first number represents how large the diameter of an object can be in terms of the part that must swing (spin) in the working area of the lathe. The second number in a basic lathe measurement represents the maximum length of an object you wish to spin that can fit into the stocks of the lathe to secure it into place. Some older models may use the bed size instead of measuring based on distance between the stocks.

  • Engine lathes are more heavy-duty lathes that have more variety in speed settings and can be used for both wood and metal.
  • Speed lathes have fewer speed setting options and are mostly only common to woodworking and polishing. As they are not meant for particularly oversized projects, speed wood lathes will typically have beds.
  • Tool room lathes are likely to be larger than bench lathes but are more flexible in terms of what accessories can be used with them than other medium-sized lathes.
  • Bench lathes are smaller in size and used for details as opposed to larger shaping needs.
  • Automatic/CNC lathes use computer software to allow one user to operate multiple lathes for mass production purposes. There are also other additional classifications of lathes with more focus on metalworking as opposed to woodworking. Machines used for solely wood can run at higher speeds because wood is softer than metal, and as such it may be beneficial to have one specifically meant for wood if that is all that you will be working with. However, many metal lathes will work with wood, and the machines designed for metal will offer greater precision as part of the trade-off for lower speed.
Where are JET lathes made?

JET is a U.S.-based supplier of wood lathe products and services. Though JET is headquartered in Washington state, USA, delivery and product service assistance are available internationally. JET also produces saws, sanders, and planers. The broad selection of product offerings allows operators to buy all products they need for their projects from one supplier and call on the same support lines for their tools.