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2022-08-09 | Plastic Recycling Machine | By Maria Lopez |

The one-step plastic pelletizing machines combine cutting, extrusion, and pelletizing into one compact and efficient pelletizer line.

The recycling machine has a cutter-compactor built-in, designed to recycle PE plastic film and PP plastic film waste, which are light in weight. The cutter-compactor of the plastic pelletizing machine prepares (pre-conditions) the plastic waste into an ideal condition for the extrusion process and feeds the plastic waste directly into the extruder. When compared to conventional pelletizing machines, this integrated system does not require a separate crusher, and therefore, eliminates the problem of inconsistent feeding, reduces space and labor costs, and has lower energy consumption.

Simple in Design. Flexible in Operation.

How Repro-Flex works

  1. Feeding

    • By belt conveyor

      Feeding of scraps is easy and automatically controlled depending on the amount of material input.

    • By Nip roller

      Film-on-rolls can be fed at the same time.

  2. Cutting and compacting

    The cutter compactor integrated cuts, dries, and compacts the material which enables a fast and stable feeding from the compactor directly into the extruder.

  3. Degassing system

    The two-zone degassing can process plastic film with larger printed areas.

  4. Filtration

    Screen change with a dual channel system for non-stop operation that also prevents plastic material from leaking.

  5. Pelletization

    Water-ring pelletizing system, also known as hot die face pelletizing, the plastic comes from the recycling extruder and is directly cut by the rotating knives attached to the surface of the die head.

  6. Final Product

    Round-shaped recycled pellets are produced and cooled inside the water ring immediately.

Materials that can be processed in the Plastic Pelletizing Machine:

PE/PP film roll


Film scraps

Bubble Film

Film Sheet

Shrink Film

Waste Bags

Stretch Film

Swimming Pool Covers

Garbage Bag

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