Blenders are often used for mixing and emulsifying various food and other substances in various sectors like Chemical, food, Pharmaceutical, mineral and plastic industries. These Industrial Versions make excellent quality homogenous mixture with desired speed, temperature and time. Let’s explore some of the Industrial Appliances below:

Double Cone Blender

Widely used in the Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, double cone Blender Versions are used for mixing of fragile homogenous particles of dry powder and granules of different sizes and forms. The cone form of the Version enables uniform combination with automated ejection with higher efficiency and a stainless steel body. The best use of this machine is to mix fragile particles that has the risk of breakage and where generational dust must not exist. The mixer comes with an automated drum system, with one full revolution of the mixer; the entire content of the product can be transferred to the shaker and then back into the drums. The highly efficient machine comes with a special PLC programming which has high safety features and longer service life. With this Mixer, the normal cycle is reduced to 10 minutes with less risk of spillage.

Octagonal Blender

The name “Octagonal” is given because of its form and the ability to hold larger quantities of particles. Octagonal Blender might be similar to double cone or even “V” adjuster but occupies less space and power. Equipped with a shell of octagonal shape supported by both ends, the special thing about this machine is that even though it operates in low speed operation, it balances high proportion of material in a very convenient manner. Similar to double cone Version, it gently mixes dry particular and fine granules in a homogenous mixture and has a vacuum charging system for dispatching. Octagonal Model is best for sectors such as pharmaceutical for better quality.

V Cone Blender

One of the most equipment in this category, V cone blender adjuster or twin shell adjuster comes with two hallow cylindrical shells wielded at an angle of 75 degree of 90 degree. The equipment is mostly used when there is a need of precise formulation of powder and granules mixing & lubricating. The containers having the “V” shape creates continuous split and recombines the materials creating minimal attrition. The equipment is mostly used in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, nutraceutical, plastic and other allied industries. Easy to clean and with an option of intensifier bar for special applications, V cone mixer is designed in a manner to give its customers a wear resistant discharge, minimal maintenance and zero contamination.

Ribbon Blender

Ribbon Blender consists of a “U” form or “W” shaped horizontal trough containing double helical ribbon agitator that rotates inside. This light duty model is well suited for solid materials such as powders and other fluids with low shear capacity. The appliance is designed in such a way that it achieves efficiency with triple mixing action. Although designed for handling solids, this model is versatile and can also handle liquids and gas streams. Ribbon Machines are one of the most efficient machines available for blending in the market. This technology is used in a variety of sectors such as pharmaceutical, food, chemical, plastic and other sectors. Despite these benefits, optimal usage depends on proper customization and depends from batch to batch. The ribbon mixer has a lot of advantages such as wear resistant, corrosion resistant, easy to dispatch, belt driven power transmission, and cooling jackets for a variety of applications.

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