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Blacksmith Power Hammer for Sale

Metalshaping and planishing power hammer for sale

Blacksmith power hammer is widely used for forging works like drawing-out, upsetting, punching, chiseling, forging, welding, bending and twisting in wrought iron industry. And we need heat these raw materials before processing them into different shapes. Our Ellsen blacksmiths power hammer is made of high quality material, so it is sold very well at home and abroad. Besides, we produce different sizes of power hammers according to clients’ requirements. And their working capacity is ranging from 180T/Min to 260T/Min.

Featured blacksmith power hammer for sale

C41-16kg 35LB Blacksmith power hammer for sale

C41-16kg Blacksmith power hammer for sale

Attack Energy: 180J
Work Sector Altitude: 180mm
Attack Number of Times: 260T/Min
Malleable Side Steel Length of Side: 20x20mm
Malleable Round Steel Length of Side: 22mm
Uses for Parts the Power: 1.5kw/220v/1ph, 1.5kw/380v/1ph
Electric Rotational Speed: 1440r/p/m
Anvil Weight:
G.W.: 240kg
Size: 584x390x952mm

C41-16kg With base plate pneumatic air hammer for sale

C41-16kg Blacksmith power hammer for sale

Weight of falling parts: 16kg
Max.hit energy: 0.18KJ
Height of working area: 180mm
Hit number: 258/min
Dimension of top and bottom die surface(L×W): 70×40mm
Max.square steel can be forged: 20×20mm
Max.round steel can be forged(Diameter): ф22
Rate Power: 1.5KW/220V, 1.5KW/380V
Speeds of motor: 1440r.p.m
Weight of base plate: 40kg
Total weight: 290kg
Overall demensions(L×W×H): 800×420×1170


C41-20kg 44LB Blacksmith air hammer for sale

C41-20kg Hydraulic power hammer for sale

Attack Energy: 220J
Work Sector Altitude: 200mm
Attack Number of Times: 255T/Min
Malleable Side Steel Length of Side: 30x30mm
Malleable Round Steel Length of Side: 35mm
Uses for Parts the Power: 2.2kw/220v/1ph, 2.2kw/380v/1ph
Electric Rotational Speed: 1440r/p/m
Anvil Weight: 200kg
G.W.: 500kg
Size: 670x369x1050mm

C41-25kg 55LB Blacksmith forging power hammer for sale

C41-25kg Blacksmith air hammer for sale

Attack Energy: 270J
Work Sector Altitude: 240mm
Attack Number of Times: 250T/Min
Malleable Side Steel Length of Side: 40x40mm
Malleable Round Steel Length of Side: 45mm
Uses for Parts the Power: 2.2kw
Electric Rotational Speed: 1440r/p/m
Anvil Weight:
G.W.: 250kg
Size: 800x410x1213mm

C41-40kg 88LB Blacksmith forging power hammer for sale

C41-40kg Blacksmith forging hammer for sale

Attack Energy: 530J
Work Sector Altitude: 245mm
Attack Number of Times: 250T/Min
Malleable Side Steel Length of Side: 52x52mm
Malleable Round Steel Length of Side: 68mm
Uses for Parts the Power: 4kw
Electric Rotational Speed: 1440r/p/m
Anvil Weight: 400kg
G.W.: 1350kg
Size: 1080x600x1389mm

C41-75kg 165LB Blacksmith forging power hammer for sale

C41-75kg Air power hammer for blacksmithing

Attack Energy: 1000J
Work Sector Altitude: 300mm
Attack Number of Times: 210T/Min
Malleable Side Steel Length of Side: 65x65mm
Malleable Round Steel Length of Side: 85mm
Uses for Parts the Power: 7.5kw
Electric Rotational Speed: 1440r/p/m
Anvil Weight: 850kg
G.W.: 2800kg
Size: 1600x950x1950mm

C41-150kg 330LB Blacksmith pneumatic forging hammer

C41-150kg Blacksmithing power hammers for sale

Attack Energy: 2500J
Work Sector Altitude: 370mm
Attack Number of Times: 180T/Min
Malleable Side Steel Length of Side: 130x130mm
Malleable Round Steel Length of Side: 145mm
Uses for Parts the Power: 15kw
Electric Rotational Speed: 1470r/p/m
Anvil Weight: 1800kg
G.W.: 5060kg
Size: 2080x1240x2350mm

Blacksmith power hammer dies

Features of our Ellsen power hammer blacksmith for sale

  • Our power hammer is easy to operate.
  • Blacksmith forging power hammer has low noise.
  • Its structure is compact.
  • Ellsen air hammer has stable performance.
  • The wrought iron forging hammer is with high work efficiency.
  • Forging power hammer is easy to maintain.
  • Our wrought iron hammer is reliable to use.
  • Ellsen blacksmith forging air hammer for sale is safe to operate.
  • The little giant power hammer has high working capacity.
  • Mechanical power hammer saves labor cost.
  • Pneumatic forging hammer can reduce material waste.
Little giant power hammer for sale

Why choosing Ellsen forging hammer for sale

  • Ellsen air power price is reasonable and competitive.
  • We could produce giant power hammer and little giant power hammer.
  • The dies of our power hammer for sale are impact resistance and wearing resistance.
  • Our power hammers have a long service life.
  • Ellsen forging hammers have handle control device and foot pedal control device.
  • All our power hammers have passed CE certification.
  • Our forging hammers are designed with advanced technology.
  • In order to meet clients’ demands, we offer both giant power hammer and little giant power hammer.
Giant pneumatic forging hammer

Hammerhead of Ellsen power hammer

In order to improve ourpower hammer quality, we pay much attention to the hammerhead because it has a great effect on the whole quality. Many power hammers have a very short service life due to the poor quality of hammerhead. However, our Ellsen overcomes this problem and produce it with high quality raw material-18CrMnTi steel. This kind of material has the features of high temperature wearing resistance, high impact toughness and corrosion resistance. Thus ensures our power hammers have excellent quality.

Working structures of our blacksmith pneumatic power hammer

Pneumatic power hammer mainly consist of machine frame, transmission, compression cylinder, working cylinder, compression piston, falling part, air supply device and the anvil etc.

Machine Frame
The machine frame is the main body of blacksmith air hammers. There have motor, gear, working and operation device. These parts are combined as a whole of the main body.

Transmission Mechanism
The transmission mechanism of our air power hammers includes a gearbox, crankshaft and connecting rod system. It changes the rotating motion of the motor into the movement up and down of the compression piston.

Compression Cylinder and Working Cylinder
The upper and lower parts as well as spin valves of compression cylinder and working cylinder valve are interconnected to produce compressed air that drives the cylinder move up and down.

Falling Part
This part of our blacksmith power hammer consists of working piston, hammer stem and the anvil, etc.

Air Supply Device
Air supply device of our forging hammer is composed of spin valves on the upper and lower airway, operating handle or foot pedal. Thought these components, we could do various actions.

Anvil Block
The anvil block of our power hammers are mounted with anvil cushion and anvil cap in order to meet the stability for forging.

Ellsen blacksmith power hammers

Cautions when using wrought iron hammer for sale

  • If the accessories like anvil cushion, hammer rod has crack, we must stop the wrought iron hammer.
  • Please don’t deviate from the centre of power hammer when forging iron material.
  • We must pay attention to the oil path of blacksmith power hammers in case it unblocked. Ensuring our power hammer has a good lubrication.
  • Try to shorten the time when lifting the hammer.
  • Please confirm there has no abnormal phenomena before you strike a forging piece.
  • Forbid to forge working piece in cold condition or do it under forging temperature.
Blacksmith power hammer accessories

How to choose the right blacksmith air hammer for your business

When you are engaged in forging work, a blacksmith air hammer will be an essential tool to help you finish your work perfectly. Also, it is very important to choose a right air hammer. Here are some points we must figure out when purchasing blacksmith air hammer for sale:

The buyer should know which size power hammer is suitable for their business. If you buy a power hammer whose work capacity is beyond what you need in practice, it will waste your money and time.

  • It is a must to pay attention to the air hammer quality, performance, structure etc. These factors will influence service life of air power hammer a lot.
  • The power hammer price is important, but not the most important. We should not blindly pursuit low price products while ignoring the quality of power hammer for sale.
  • Searching for the power hammer suppliers on the Internet and trying to find the satisfying forging power hammer for sale.
  • If you are a newcomer to forging business, you had better find a professional manufacturer to consult detailed information about a pneumatic hammer you want to buy. Our Ellsen blacksmith
  • power hammers may be your best choice for we have professional teams to support you all around.
  • As we know, all products have their using life. In order to extend its service life, we could do regular maintenance. So it is very crucial to choose a power hammer manufacturer with excellent after-sales service. Our Ellsen promises lifelong free maintenance service for all our customers.
Finished Products

Delivery and Installation service of our mechanical forging hammers for sale

Our clients could arrange their own shipping agent to transport the mechanical forging hammers. If they don’t have, our company would delivery it by our agent for less charge. And we would sendthe pneumatic forging hammer to customers’ destination on time.
For installation, our company would dispatch our skillful engineers to assist the customers at home and abroad if necessary.

After-sales service of our power hammer

  • We promise lifelong free-maintenance service.
  • Wearing parts are offered for free.
  • Our engineers are ready to go abroad to install it door to door.
  • 24-hour online service is available.
  • Our clients could learn how to operate it in our factory directly.

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