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Bin Blender

Single Column Bin Blender- Widge Type

Single Column


One of the perfect example of batch blending where sized granules collected in a container, docked to the blender arm, clamped, lifted from a single end and tumbled for the pre-validated time.

The low shear blending action prevents excessive fines or changes to particle shape or size. Fast loading, complete discharge, short cycle time, low powder requirement and minimum maintenance are some of the features.

Conta blending improves efficiency compared to conventional blenders because of mixing in the diagonal and eccentric planes.

Enormous flexibility – different capacity of bins (for e.g. 200 Ltrs., 400 Ltrs., 600 Ltrs.) can be docked in the single fork of the same conta blender. Also various shapes of bin can be accommodated. (For eg: You could dock an Octagonal / V Shaped Blender body in the same arm of the Conta bin)

The arm of the bin blender does not have any nylon rollers or pins. It is a simple sliding system with a wedge arrangement for resting.

Hydraulic Clamping

Bin Blender Hydraulically clamped


Bin Blender Vertical hydraulic clamping type

As regards to its clamping, it happens with the help of three hydraulic cylinders which is a part of the blending arm. 

In case of heavy bins, (single column blending) it is ideally used. Mostly for 1500 Ltrs to 3000 Ltrs capacity.

The blender bin will have to be kept at the point of clamping. There is no maneuvering of the blender bin into the blending arm in this case.

All appropriate safety measures are considered. There is a pressure switch in the circuit such that in case of any hydraulic leakage, the main drive motor stops immediately bringing the machine to a halt.

Split Fork Type

Jaw Type Fork
Fork Close Position
Fork Open Position


These are typically conventional Bin Blenders with the only difference being the way it is being clamped.

In these kind of blenders, the Blending bin has got two cavity lugs on each side of the body.   

The blending arm has got a fork with split type openings at each end. When the bin is inserted into the arm and the two forks enters the lugs respectively, after complete insertion the end of the fork opens like a flower thereby completely locking the bin from getting out the arm during blending operation.

The opening of the split end of the arm happens through a hydraulic cylinder (50mm stoke). The split end is connected by a tensile spring.

To ensure the spit arm does not collapse during blending there is a hydraulic pressure switch available which stops the main motor in case the pressure drops against the set pressure.

A pneumatic also as an additional safety limit switch in provided for the completion of the stroke. In case the 50mm stroke is incomplete, the main drive motor would not start.

In additional to all the advantages of a conventional bin blender, there is something more to add:

  1. Hydraulic Locking of the bin with feedback to the PLC ensuring that there is no manual intervention whatsoever.
  2. The same cavity arrangement is used for the blending cycle as well as the lifting of the bins on top of the compression machines.
  3. Very easy and hassle free arrangement ensuring compactness of the entire machine.

Ideally suited from 500 Ltrs to 1500 Ltrs


Twin Column

Twin Column Bin Blender


Another example of batch blending, similar to the conta blender except that instead of a single point lifting, the bin is lifted at two ends and rotated. Therefore blending occurs only in a diagonal plane and not in eccentric plane.


  • Flexibility of blending varying volumetric capacities is achieved in these blenders.
  • After blending, the following options are available
  1. Discharge the blended contents into containers of varying heights.
  2. In case of large volume, the blended bins itself can be wheeled to the desired location of discharge.
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