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Best Vinyl Cutter 2021 Reviews and Vinyl Cutting Machine Buyers Guide

Are you trying to find the best vinyl cutter 2021 has to offer?  

The search for the ultimate best vinyl cutting machine for the money is a tough one. I bet you might even have done some research before you got here.  

You might want to find a great vinyl cutter for home, or maybe you want to upgrade your home vinyl cutter to one more suitable to a small vinyl cutting business.  

The reality is, each vinyl cutting machine has its best features and each has a few "not so great" issues; so compiling a best cutting machine for vinyl list is pretty hard.   

But fortunately I have been lucky enough to actually use each and every one of these machines so I can detail out what each type of vinyl machine is brilliant for. This should make it simple for you to choose the best machine to cut vinyl!  

So without further ado, here is the best cutting machine 2021 buyers guide! You can also find our quick links to our recommended cutters below.

Other Guides: Best heat press for vinyl, best Cricut machine, and our guide to the best HTV.

Vinyl Cutting Machine Comparison Guide: Our Vinyl Cutter Reviews

Trying to work out what the best home vinyl cutter is? Or maybe you wish to find a durable work-horse cutter for your business? We have a full table of comparison for both home as well as commercial cutting machines.

In this vinyl cutting machine buying guide, we suggest you check out our chart to compare the best sellers, and to understand the different types of cutters to decide which are the best vinyl cutting machines for you.

Then read our vinyl cutter machine reviews of the machines that best suit your requirements.

We always keep our list updated with the newest and latest machines, so you can rest assured that we have the best vinyl cutters 2021 has to offer! 

Home Vinyl Cutter Comparison Chart  

Below is a comparison chart of all the top vinyl cutters for home use (find the commercial table below the home cutter table).

You can typically expect to spend on average around $300 for a home cutter (If you have a low budget, you might prefer our guide to help you find a cheap vinyl cutter). However prices range from $150 to $500 for the machines on our table below.

You can then read my vinyl cutting machine reviews below featuring the best vinyl cutter machine 2021 has to offer.







12" x 24"


Cuts 100+ materials, from thin fabric to thick leather, metal & foam


Vinyl Crafters

Sewing & Quilters



12" x 10 Feet


Cuts 100+ materials. Not suitable for those wishing to work with thick materials

Beginners & Advanced Users

Large Signs

HTV & T Shirt Transfers

Vinyl Decals

12" x 24"


Cuts 100+ materials, from thin vinyl to thick leather, metal & foam


Small Signs

Heat Transfers 

Vinyl Decals & Stickers

30.5" x 8 Feet

Not Wireless

Works more specifically with standard and heat transfer vinyl, but can also cut cardstock, paper, craft paper and paint mask.

Advanced Users

Large Signs

Vinyl Decals

Heat Transfers

24" x 164"

Not Wireless

Works more specifically with standard and heat transfer vinyl, but can also cut paper, craft paper, cardstock and paint mask.

Advanced Users

Large Signs


HTV Transfers

12″ x 24"


Cuts material of up to 2mm thick - paper, cardstock, vinyl, vellum, thin cotton, flannel, felt, magnet, sticker & more.


For anyone who wants to scan in and cut their own designs

34 " Cutter

Not Wireless

Designed to work more specifically with standard and heat transfer vinyl, but can also craft paper, normal paper, craft paper, cardstock and paint mask.

Heat Transfers for T Shirts


53 " Cutter

15 x 15" Heat Press

Not Wireless

Designed to work more specifically with standard and heat transfer vinyl, but can also craft paper, normal paper, craft paper, cardstock and paint mask.

Heat Transfers for T Shirts

Sign Makers for Decal Work

8" x 10 Feet


Over 100+ types, incl. paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric, chipboard, heat transfer material & rhinestone template material.


Sticker & Decal Makers



4.5 x 20'


Paper, sticker paper, vinyl, cardstock, vellum & iron-on heat transfer.


For those who love creating smaller crafts such as cards and labels.


You can scroll past the commercial cutting machine table to find more info on which machines we recommend for home, for t-shirt purposes, as well as individual in-depth reviews of each of the machines mentioned in this guide.

Best Commercial Vinyl Cutter Comparison Chart 

Below is a comparison chart to feature the top commercial vinyl cutter which is mentioned later in this article.  

You can typically expect to spend an average of around $1700 for a small business cutter. However we have included professional cutters that range from around $500 - $4000 on the table below.

You can then read my vinyl cutter reviews 2021 below featuring the best professional vinyl cutter.





Max cut speed:

60" p/s

Max cut size:


Cutting force:


Contour Cutting

Automatic-Aligning System 

Plugin for Corel DRAW and Illustrator

Max cut speed:

36" p/s

Max cut size:

24" x 164"

Cutting force:


Auto registration mark sensor
Digital servo motor
4 Point dual-axis skew correction
Tangential control enhanced precision 
Graphtec Studio Software 
Plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw

Max cut speed: 

20" p/s

Max cut size:


Cutting force:


Optical registration sensor

Includes CutStudio Software3

Stores up to eight settings

Max cut speed:

15" p/s

Max cut size: 


Cutting force:


Plugin for Corel DRAW and Illustrator


Max cut speed:

58.5" p/s

Max cut size: 

24" x 164"

Cutting force:


Dual configuration function

Ethernet capability

5th Generation ARMS system
Included Graphtec Studio and Cutting Master 3

Max cut speed:

37" p/s

Max cut size: 

24" x 300"

Cutting force:


Contour Cutting

Quiet Servo Motor
Included Software

What is the Best Vinyl Cutting Machine for Home?

In our opinion, the Best Cutter for Vinyl in 2021 is the Cricut Maker 3 Cutter!

The Cricut Maker 3 is one of the latest Cricut machine release! As it is one of the latest releases (June 2021) it offers some of the best features and technology that is currently on the market. 

The Maker 3 might just be the best at home vinyl cutter for crafters who love dipping their fingers into a range of crafts, such as sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, card-making and more.

The machine can cut over 300+ materials from thin fabric such as silk to 2.4mm thick material (if you purchase the Knife Blade).  

We also love how intuitive this machine is; so much so that you don't need to do any guessing when it comes to settings. It is one of the reasons why we marked this machine as the best vinyl cutter for beginners. 

The Maker 3 can automatically calculate and calibrate the correct cutting force on your materials. It is a totally innovative and powerful machine. It offers lighting-fast speed and intricate precision cutting.

This smart vinyl cutting machine can also cut without a mat and up to a maximum project size of 13" wide and 12 feet long when using Smart Materials.  

Add in the fact that Cricut has made the machine to fit all your past tools and has guaranteed that it will be able to fit all the future tools, so you know that you won't need to upgrade this baby any time soon.

This is not only the best machine for vinyl cutting, but it is also a brilliant machine for those who enjoy a wide range of hobbies and crafts.

For more information about why we recommend this machine as the best vinyl machine for 2021, read our Cricut Maker 3 Review

Best Vinyl Cutting Machine for T Shirts

Are you trying to find the best vinyl machine for t shirts and decals that you can use at home? We have a fabulous recommendation for you! 

The Best T Shirt Vinyl Cutter:  The Silhouette Cameo 4 plus a Heat Press 

For those of you who wish to create some unique vinyl transfers for T Shirts, we cannot recommend the Cameo 4 highly enough.

It truly is the best vinyl cutter for t shirts and you will find many videos on YouTube showing you how to use this brilliant machine.  

The machine can cut all your standard vinyl with absolutely precision. It cuts clean so that your weeding is easier. And we also love the decent 12" x 10 feet cutting size as well.

This machine is perfect for those who wish to create heat transfers at home, and it is always great for those who operate a small-scale T-Shirt Business.

All you need with this machine is a clamshell heat press and you are ready to go!

For more information about why recommend this machine as the best vinyl machine for shirts, read our Cameo 4 Review

You might also wish to save some money by grabbing a Silhouette Cameo 4 bundle deal with a nice selection of HTV vinyls.

The Best Vinyl Machine for Commercial Use

Again and again we see our community loving this cutter. In our opinion the best plotter cutter for commercial use is the GCC Jaguar V LX Pro Vinyl Cutters.

These commercial grade vinyl cutting machines are not only fast, durable and reliable, but they are also intelligent and innovative as well.

Another recommendation for a top commercial vinyl cutter is the Graphtec CE6000-60 cutters. Whilst the Graphtec cutters are also brilliant, we chose the GCC Jaguar cutters as the top of the line due to the fact that it can cut 60" per second. 

In actual fact this speed happens to be the highest cutting speed among professional vinyl cutters. And it almost twice as fast as its main competitors (Graphtec, Roland, or USCutter).

We all know time is money when it comes to business and with its very fast cutting speed, this machine is perfectly suitable for large volume production runs.

Take a Moment ...

Before we head into the official buyers guide to help you find the best vinyl die cut machine; I figured it might be useful for you to take a moment and figure out the answers to the following questions.  

Your answers will determine which of the machines is THE ONE for you!

  • Are you after a vinyl sticker cutting machine that will work for personal hobbyist use or one that is suitable for commercial or small business?
  • What exactly do you want to do with the machine, what capabilities are essential to you? Stickers? Decals? T-Shirt Transfers? etc.
  • Do you have limited space or is the size of the machine not an issue?
  • What is your budget for the cutter plotter machine?
  • Does the machine need to have Bluetooth functionality? USB? Or are you happy with a crank operated machine?
  • Are you after a starter package deal or would like to purchase a stand-alone machine?

There are multiple types, different features and price tags to take into account. Even just going on to online websites and buying the top rated cutter is not necessarily the best option as you need a craft cutting machine that works best for your personal requirements.

That is why we have produced this ultimate guide to buying the best die cut machine for your vinyl needs.

We cover which machine is the top choice for a vinyl cutting machine for beginners, which is the best vinyl decal machine as well as the top commercial vinyl machine.

The reality is that the technology of these machines keep improving and in 2021, you will find that most of these machines can handle vinyl, paper, cardstock, tissue paper, thermal transfer material and so much more.  

Buying Guide to the Best Vinyl Cutter 2021

1.  Price

Ultimately you will get what you pay for! You can't expect to purchase the best vinyl cutter for only a few hundred dollars.  

Another consideration would be whether you are willing to pay extra for good quality vinyl cutter blades. Will you pay more for Bluetooth functionality?

Home cutters can cost anywhere from $150 (although our favorite is around $400), whilst commercial cutters can easily cost you around $4000.

2. Printing Size

Think about what size material you would like to cut.

A cheap vinyl cutter machine might only cut up to 8" in width, which really is pretty small, but perfect for those who make vinyl decals or heat transfers for small items.  

Most machines for home use can cut up to 12" in size. If you want to cut vinyl that is larger in size than that, then you really need to look at an industrial vinyl cutter. 

3.  Size of the Machine

Where will the machine live? Do you want it to fit in a cupboard so you can store it away? Are you planning on squeezing it onto a desk?  

Or do you have a corner of a shop dedicated to a machine on a stand?  

Don't assume that the machine looks small just because of a photo. Do have a look at the specs of the vinyl cutting printer if size is an important factor for you.

4.  Included Software

Another important point is that you need to have a close look at the software that is included with your vinyl printer cutter machine.  

  • Does it work on a PC, MAC or both?  
  • Is it easy to use?  
  • Does it come with loads of designs?  
  • Would you need to purchase these designs at an extra cost?  
  • Does the software allow you to customize and design your own work?

Some of the software that is included with the machines are truly useless! Others are brilliant, but requires a steep learning curve to learn how to use it.  

Think about how tech savvy you are; maybe an easy to use software is the better choice for you?

5.  Range of Material that can be Cut

What are you after? Do you want to purchase a machine that can only cut vinyl or would you love for the machine to handle a variety of materials?  

How thick is the material you want to cut?  

These are all important considerations when you are choosing your vinyl cut out machine.

6.  Warranty and Support

Have a look at how long the warranty is of the machine. Most vinyl machines have a decent lifespan and we find that most companies offer warranties around 1-3 years.  

It might also be important to find out if they offer support.  If you struggle to set up your vinyl cutting machine, will there be someone to help you?

Reviews of the Top 10 Vinyl Cutters for Home Use

So what is the best vinyl cutter? Here are some additional resources to help you decide.

Below you will find the best vinyl cutters for individuals and craft cutting hobbyists.  

We will have a close look at the top 10 vinyl cutting machines for personal use.  

I will outline the top features, the pros and cons of each in detailed reviews, which should help you choose the best vinyl machine 2021 has on offer for your home.

1. Cricut Maker 3 Review

A new Cricut machine is out! The Cricut Maker 3 is incredibly versatile. It can cut even more material than the Cricut Explore 3 and offers more strength and even more precise cutting. 

Whilst this machine cuts vinyl beautifully, it is actually a machine that has been created to cut fabric. The top features we personally love are the Rotary Blade that you can use to cut a wide range of fabric (without the need for backing!).

We are also loving the innovative Adaptive Tool System that automatically controls the blade direction and cutting pressure for you. So easy, so simple!

This machine is a brilliant buy and happens to be one of the best machines for home and personal use if you love trying out a variety of crafts.

Important to note though that it is more expensive than the Cameo 4 and probably delivers the same, if not better results in comparison to our best selling Cameo machine.


  • Wireless & Tablet Docking Station
  • Can cut a range of material from the thinnest fabric to thick balsa wood
  • You can cut sewing patterns with it  
  • The adaptive tool system that automatically calculates your force according to the material you are using


  • Design Space software is great for beginners but limited for advanced users
  • You have to purchase the Knife Blade separately


The Cricut Maker 3 is one of the newest vinyl cutting machines on the market. It is a truly innovative and revolutionary machine.  

The machine offers lighting-fast cutting and can handle intricate cutting with precision. We love that it can cut a large number of materials from the thinnest of fabrics to vinyl and even thicker materials such as balsa wood and leather.  

This is a brilliant release by Cricut and if you can reach the price tag, you surely won't be disappointed with this baby!

You can either purchase the Cricut Maker 3 Machine by itself or you might like to invest in the Cricut Maker 3 bundle deal which will save you money if you are starting out!


2. Silhouette Cameo 4 Review

The Silhouette Cameo 4 is the ultimate DIY cutting machine. It is the cutter we recommend to everybody. We think that it is the best vinyl cutter for home, it is small enough to sit on the desk and light enough to move around.

The machine is perfect for signage as it has the ability to cut material that has a width of up to 12 inches by a crazy 10 feet long.

It can cut all types of standard vinyl. It deliver precision cuts that are easy to weed.

Looking beyond the vinyl capabilities of this cutter, the Cameo 4 Silhouette also has the ability to draw and cut on over 100 different types of material.  


  • Bluetooth Vinyl Cutter
  • Easy to use Silhouette Cameo software
  • Dual Carriage which gives you the ability to draw and cut
  • Touchscreen
  • Cuts 12" by 10 feet long


  • Support is pretty much non-existent.


This new and updated Cameo Cutting Machine is, in our opinion, one of the best vinyl cutter machines on the market in 2021.  

The Cameo 4 is not only a favorite as a personal vinyl cutter, but it is also the preferred vinyl T shirt printing machine for those who operate a T Shirt vinyl heat transfer small business. 


3. Cricut Explore 3 Review

The Cricut Explore 3 is a favorite, top of the line Cricut Vinyl Cutting Machine for crafts. It is also our top pick as the best beginner vinyl cutter.

It replaces its very popular predecessor the Cricut Explore Air 2, but it has the ability to cut and draw at twice the speed of the previous machine. 

It is an incredibly versatile machine, not only is it a vinyl printing machine, but it can also do scoring as well as operate with designs that you have created yourself.

You can download fonts from the computer to use for your vinyl monogram design as well. 

The Cricut Explore 3 has the ability to work with a whopping 100+ materials. We love that it can handle anything from a thin sheet of vellum, vinyl & paper to thick pieces of leather, metal and foam!

Here is a video to give you an overview of the machine.

The maximum cutting width of this Cricut Vinyl Machine is 13" wide by 12' when using Smart Materials, which is large enough for t-shirt transfers, small decal designs and larger sized projects. 

The Cricut Cutting Machine can operate wirelessly through Bluetooth and comes with the Cricut Design Space software.

 A very easy to use software for those who do not want to learn the ins-and-outs of other programs such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw.

This vinyl cutter is best suited to people who are after a vinyl printer and cutter machine. 

The machine is perfect for beginner cutters as well as those crafters who wants to get more serious with their hobby.  


  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity
  • Faster precision cutting
  • Extra features such as Scoring, Cricut Pen for Handwritten effects and Download Fonts from your Computer to use.
  • Cuts over 100+ materials
  • Design your own art work to use
  • CONS:

    • You can only use the Design Space software that comes with the machine


    Explore 3 is a very popular, top rated desktop vinyl cutter machine by Cricut.  

    It features wireless connectivity, precision cutting and easy to use software (that includes over 60,000+ designs).  

    Due to the fact that it is so easy-to-use and super versatile, we always recommend this baby as the best vinyl machine for beginners.

    It super easy to turn your ideas into professional-quality projects. 

    You can either purchase the Cricut Explore 3 Machine by itself or you might like to invest in the Cricut Explore 3 bundle deal which will save you money if you are starting out!


    4. US Cutter MH 871 MK2 34in Bundle Review

    The US Cutter MH 871 MK2 is another popular machine that straddles the line between being a personal machine and a small businesses vinyl making machine.  

    The beautiful thing about the MH 871 vinyl cutter machine is how incredibly cheap it is for what it can offer. For only a small investment you can start running your own small sized business.

    If you are after machine that works specifically with vinyl and that offers you a larger work space; the MH871 cutter can cut to a maximum width of around 31 inches and length of 8 feet, then this is the one for you!

    Included in the Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in bundle deal you will receive vinyl rolls, transfer tapes, magnetic blanks, a knife, squeegee, chart, access to the USCutter forum and lifetime phone support.

    The USCutter MH Series Vinyl Cutter is a popular vinyl decal printing machine for those who love to work with signage.  


  • Delivers quality cuts on simple designs
  • 3 Blades are Included
  • FREE Lifetime Phone Support
  • Incredibly cheap price for the bundle deal
  • Works with VinylMaster Cut and other popular software (like Sure Cuts Alot, Flexi, SignBlaser and SignCut Productivity Pro)
  • CONS:

  • Compatible with PC only
  • The USCutter MH 871 MK2 machine is a bit noisy
  • The machine struggles with more complex intricate designs

    With the Cutting Plotter MH871 MK2 you can start up a simple signage business for an incredibly low cost.  

    Whilst it is important to note that this large-scale cutter does indeed function much better on simple designs in comparison to intricate ones.

    It definitely is a great purchase for those who want to get more serious about vinyl crafts! 

    5. GCC AR-24" Vinyl Cutter Review 

    The GCC brand's slogan of ‘innovation with a personal touch’ sums up this brilliant vinyl cutter.

    Sure it is a step up from your normal everyday hobby craft cutter, but this cutter truly offers some incredible capabilities.

    The GCC AR-24 was made specifically for creating signs, but it is brilliant for all vinyl decals and heat transfer work.

    It is a desktop cutter, so it is great for those who have minimal space at home or in their workshop. 

    Despite its size, the cutter itself is quite impressive, with the ability to cut at around 400mm a second.

    We love the GCC brand, it is one of the top vinyl cutter brands. And this intelligent and durable vinyl cutter will most definitely impress.


  • 24" Cutting Width
  • 3 Meter tracking
  • Includes GreatCut Software
  • Optimized cutting abilities of 15.7ips (400mm/sec)
  • 250 Grams of cutting force and strength
  • 24-Month limited warranty
  • CONS:

  • Doesn't have contour cut capabilities

    The GCC Desktop Vinyl Cutter might not be cheap, but it most definitely the best investment if you run a small home business. 

    The cutter is professional, user-friendly and one of the leaders in the market. The cutter offers fabulous specs and brilliant cutting abilities.

    Whilst more expensive then the rest of our home cutters on the list, we honestly believe that it is a great investment for the beginner vinyl cutter or anyone who wants to get the best bang for their buck.

    7. Brother Scan and Cut 2 Review

    The Brother Scan n Cut 2 CM650W is popular amongst those who love to scan in their own handdrawn designs. If you love cutting your designs on material, then this will also most likely be the winning machine for you. 

    We love the built-in scanning, the wireless functionality as well as for its reliable and precise cutting.

    The Brother ScanNCut2 CM650W can cut a maximum width of 11.5″, which is all that is needed for most hobbyist crafters. It has a large LCD touch screen to enable easy operation.  

    The only negative is the pretty basic software that comes with the machine. Whilst the software has over 600 designs and 7 built-in fonts, it doesn't allow much room for customization.

    The Brother Scan and Cut 2 CM650W is best suited for crafters who are happy to make use of existing designs or those who enjoy scanning their own hand-drawn designs. 

    The Brother CM350 ScanNCut 2 is truly an innovative machine and is the ONLY vinyl cutting machine that offers a scanning functionality!


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Can cut max width of 11.5"
  • Large touchscreen for ease of use
  • Scanning ability so you can use your own designs
  • Works really well with fabric
  • Can cut material of up to 2mm thickness
  • CONS:

  • The Software is not very user-friendly

    The Brother Scan n Cut 2 is the a fabulous machine that offers crafters the ability to scan in and cut their own art work, photos, images and more.

    It is perfect for anyone who wants to keep things easy and use the images and fonts that are included in the software.

    It is a hot favorite machine for those who love to work with material. Maybe not the best machine for actually cutting vinyl, but if this is not an issue for you then this is a great buy.

    Don't forget you can grab some fabulous value by investing in a Brother Scan n Cut Bundle deal.

    8. VEVOR 34" Vinyl Cutter Review

    If you are looking for a cutter that has specifically been designed to cut vinyl, then the Vevor Vinyl Plotter might just be for you. 

    Both the Cameo and Cricut cutter listed above was created to be DIY craft machines, whilst this Vevor cutter was specifically created with the sole purpose of cutting vinyl.

    So without a doubt, whilst I love the machines on the top of the list, if you only cut vinyl and nothing else, this would be the better pick for you.

    This plotter can cut 34" x 30" in size. It has adjustable cutting force and adjustable speed settings so you can fine tune the cutting according to the intricacy of the design.

    This machine is especially suitable for advertisement field, various signs, drawing for building structure or line drawing, automotive decoration, glass field, handicraft, supplementary for heat transfer, indoor decoration, label making, etc.


    • Cutter Pressure: 10-500g
    • Cutting Speed: 10-800 mm per second
    • Four fully adjustable pinch-rollers
    • Works with SignMaster Software


    • Not compatible with MAC
    • Instructions are useless (suggestion to use Youtube instead)


    The Vevor Plotter and Cutter is in our opinion the best entry level vinyl cutter in 2021. Unlike the cutters listed above, this machine is specifically for cutting vinyl.

    It has four pinch rollers which allows you to adjust for a variety of material types. It also has the ability to draw as well.

    If you are looking for something more professional than Cricut or Silhouette machines, then this might be for you!

    8. 54" Cutter & Heat Press Combo Review

    You can typically save a nice chunk of money when you choose to invest at both a cutter and heat press that has been combined into a bundle.

    This is the perfect combo for those who wish to work with vinyl heat transfer cuts to apply on t-shirts; which is why the machine comes with the popular 15 x 15" 5-in-1 Mophorn heat press.

    If you want to dabble in selling some unique t-shirt heat transfer designs then this is most definitely the machine for you!


  • Cuts up to 53" in width
  • Digital force & speed adjustable
  • Includes SignMaster Design Software
  • Swing-Away 5-in-1 heat press included in the package
  • CONS:

    • Not Compatible with IOS system


    This Combo deal is a must for anyone who wants to purchase a vinyl cutter for T Shirts. It is also our choice of machine to make vinyl decals and does a great job as a vinyl stencil cutter.  

    Incredible value at a totally affordable price, we love this deal combo!

    9. Silhouette Portrait 3 Machine Review (Best Small Vinyl Cutter)

    The Silhouette Portrait 3 machine is perfect for beginners.  

    The Silhouette Portrait 3 Vinyl Cutter has all the nifty features and abilities that the popular Silhouette brand is known for, but it comes at a pretty cheap price tag.

    In fact this machine is so popular that is known as THE best sticker and best decal maker.

    If you are trying to figure out whether to get the Silhouette Portrait 3 vs Cameo 4, the following might help you make a decision. 

    Both machines can cut over 100+ types of material.

    The Portrait is smaller and more compact, however the cutting abilities of Cameo 4 outweigh those of the Portrait. 

    Ultimately if you can't manage to fork out the cash for the Cameo 4, then the Portrait 3 Silhouette is a great beginner machine for you!

    The Silhouette Portrait 3 cutting machine is best suited to entry-level hobbyist cutters who love creating one-of-a-kind cards, stickers, small signage, decals, scrapbook pages & elements and so much more.

    The Silhouette Portrait 3 Cutter is lightweight which means you can take it along to craft groups


  • Comes with PixScan, which means you can create designs from photos and pictures.
  • We personally love Silhouette Studio software which is included with the machine
  • Really easy to set up, install and start cutting away.
  • It is small and lightweight
  • You absolutely have got to love the price tag
  • CONS:

  • Max cutting force is a bit low at 210 g, so don't try to cut any thick material
  • Max cutting size of 8″ width

    The Silhouette Portrait 3 Die Cutting machine is brilliant for those who wish they could afford the Cameo but just can't reach the dollar price! It offers the same quality as the other Silhouette products.  

    We love the PixScan feature as well as the software that is included. It is a fabulous machine for beginners as it is quick and easy to get started. 

    Our only pet peeve is the smaller cutting size and the fact that it can't handle thick materials.

    If you are a sticker maker, decal maker, card maker or scrapbooker then this is a gorgeous machine at an exceptionally low price! 

    10. Cricut Joy Review

    The Cricut Joy was released on the 1st of March 2020. The machine is small, light and portable so you can easily take it along in your tote to crafting workshops.

    This cutter is small but mighty. It was designed to cut continuous shapes (such as labels) for up to 20 feet. But keep in mind that it has the limitation of a small 4.5" max width cutting ability.

    The machine also has limitations in that it can't use the same tools as the other machines. It also can't do things such as use the new Foil Tool and it also can't do print then cut projects.

    What we do love is that you can cut without a mat when using this machine (although you will have to purchase vinyl in order to do so).

    Ultimately this machine was designed for those who like making cards, stickers and labels.


    • Cheapest of the 3 Cricut machines
    • It is really small, lightweight and easy to cart around
    • It is easy to use
    • It can cut up to 20 feet long
    • It can cut and draw


    • It can only cut up to 4.5" in width
    • It can't use the same tools that the other 2 machines can use
    • You need to purchase special Cricut vinyl if you want to cut without the mat


    Card-makers and label-lovers will adore this machine. It is the cheapest Cricut machine on the market and it is pretty super cute. 

    For a lot of crafters the 4.5" cutting width will be all they need, however for some it might be limiting.

    Top 5 Commercial Vinyl Cutters Reviews

    Below you will find the best professional vinyl cutting machine. We will have a close look at the top 5 commercial vinyl cutting machines on the market in 2021.

    In our cutting machines reviews I will outline the top features, the pros and cons of each which should help you choose the right vinyl cutting machine for your business. 

    1. Roland Plotter Camm-1 Pro GX-300 Review 

    You simply can't go wrong with a 36" Roland Vinyl Cutter. If you have the money to invest, the Roland Plotter Camm-1 Pro GX-300 is probably our top pick as the best commercial vinyl machine in 2021. 

    The Roland 300 PRO machine might be a touch pricey but it is incredibly durable, high quality and it will give back quickly on your investment with its ability to cut a wide range of materials between 2 to 36 inches.

    The Roland Camm 1 PRO has powerful Servo motors that offer a professional grade cut that is fast, accurate and precise.

    This Roland cutter can handle large scale projects and has the ability to work with chunky materials.  

    It can contour cut pre-printed graphics, has a cutting speed of up to 33" p/s and has a downforce of 350gram.

    See the larger 46" GX 400 Roland Cutter in action.

    The Roland Vinyl Printer Camm-1 PRO is the best commercial machine for those who wish to make professional vehicle wraps, custom window tinting, and even heat transfers for garments.  

    The professional machine can handle vinyl, reflective vinyl, twill, paint mask, heat transfer, mylar, polyester and sand blast mask.

    The Roland vinyl cutters are sturdy enough to handle bulkier materials with precision cutting.


    • High Quality Machine
    • Powerful Servo Motor
    • Precise Contour Cutting
    • Cutting speed of up to 33" p/s
    • Overcut and AutoCut Ability
    • 3 Years Warranty


  • Premium Price

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Roland Cutters are the absolute best cutters on the market! They are professional machines that can handle the heavy duty of daily printing.  

    They are precise, accurate and can handle intricate work. They have fast cutting and can cut thicker materials as well.

    This is the perfect machine for vinyl printing businesses. The only decision here is to figure out what size you would like!  

    Click here if you wish to upgrade the size to the Roland PRO 400 (46"), the Roland GX 500 (54") or the Roland 640  (64")

    2. Graphtec CE6000 60 Vinyl Cutter Review

    The Graphtec CE6000 60 Vinyl Cutter is a highly recommended professional vinyl cutter for those who are specifically after high precision and reliability.  

    The Graphtec 6000 60 machine is created for vinyl business owners who wish to make signs, car decals, car tinting, t shirts, unique home decor, rhinestone template materials, glitter transfers, sandblast resist stencils and more.

    Graphtec is the world's largest manufacturer of heat presses and heat transfer films! This machine can cut up to a width of 24" and the cutting force of up to 300gr means that you can cut material up to 0.25mm thick.  

    The Graphtec CE6000 vinyl cutter uses digital servo motors to ensure accuracy and precision. It includes an automatic registration mark sensor and the plotter Graphtec CE6000 60 also has blade wear monitoring.

    They also have larger machines available for those after a larger cutting surface - 48" Graphtec CE6000 120.

    Watch this video on Graphtec vinyl cutter review for more information.

    Whilst this machine is brilliant for a wide range of vinyl businesses, if you are after a machine that does car wrapping, we do highly recommend you go one step back and have another look at the Roland Cutting Machine.

    As the CE6000 is a friction feed, it does tend to wander a bit if you are attempting longer cuts such as for car wraps.


  • Powerful Servo Motors
  • Quieter Faster Cutting
  • Contour cutting capabilities
  • Integrates Graphtec’s ARMS
  • Cutting force up to 300grams
  • Support is included
  • CONS:

  • It is a friction feed, a long cut tends to wander

    The Graphtec Cutting Plotter CE6000 60 is a highly acclaimed and successful professional cutting machine.  

    The machine is fast, powerful and offers highly accurate cutting. It offers contour cutting capability and includes great software! The machine will operate on both Mac and PC.  

    It is a top workhorse machine for those operating a business!

    3. Graphtec FC8600 60 Vinyl Cutter Review

    The Graphtec FC8600 60 Vinyl Cutter is a professional high-performance cutting machine.

    It is one of the top industry leaders for those who run businesses selling signs, graphic artists, automotive aftermarket professionals, counter-top installers and other related users.

    The Graphtec 8600 machine can cut up to a width of 24", it has a max cutting speed of 58.5 in/se and a cutting force of up to 600gr.

    This is the machine for you if you are hoping to do diamond grade, high-intensity reflective film, sandblast resist rubber, automotive window & paint protection films, and self-adhesive vinyl as well as plenty of other types of media.

    The FC8600 Graphtec features the next generation ARMS (automatically detects registration marks) system which adjusts for several types of potential print distortions, allowing for accurate contour cutting of pre-printed images and decals.  

    They also have larger machines available for those after a larger cutting surface - 42" Graphtec FC8600 100.


  • Powerful Servo Motors
  • Quieter Faster Cutting
  • Contour cutting capabilities
  • Integrates Graphtec’s ARMS
  • Cutting force up to 600grams
  • User-friendly LCD control panel
  • Optical Sensor for Auto Alignment
  • CONS:

  • Premium Price

    The Graphtec FC8600 series features the latest engineering advancements. High performance features have been added to the new series, but yet its competitive pricing still remains.  

    The machine is top rated and comes second to none with its offer of being able to handle demanding and tough projects.

    The Graphtec Vinyl Cutter is a quality machine that offers versatility and is backed up by high quality precision cutting! It is also our recommended machine as the best vinyl cutter for sign making.

    4. USCutter Titan 3 Vinyl Cutter Review

    The USCutter Titan 3 Vinyl Cutter is another top choice in commercial machines!

    The Titan 3 cutter can be used for a wide variety of applications including signage, decals, lettering and pinstripping. It can create logos, modify signs, make custom text, create and draw shapes and edit images.  

    It comes in three brilliant sizes!  The 15" Titan 3 Desktop Cutter, the 28" Titan Vinyl Cutter and the 68" Vinyl Cutter for those who wish to work on a large scale basis.

    The Titan Vinyl Plotter uses ARMS (automatic registration mark sensor) for fast and accurate contour cutting.  

    You can control the speed and cutting force on this machine which means that it can cut a variety of material including adhesive vinyl, window film, hard paperboard, sandblast stencil, mask material and much more.  

    All this is easy to achieve with the use of the user-friendly LCD screen.

    This machine has been manufactured to withstand rigorous use. It is an absolutely brilliant machine for any vinyl business, no matter how large or small!

    The machine includes VinylMaster Cut for PC users. This software is taking the world by storm and serious sign-makers love the usability and customization that is available through this software!


  • Vacuum Hold Down for extra grip on material
  • Accurate Contour Cutting with the optical eye
  • LCD Screen makes changes in settings easy
  • The digital readout makes for accurate and precise settings
  • 3 TITAN Blades included
  • FREE Lifetime Phone Support
  • CONS:

  • Software is compatible with PC only
  • Tricky to set up as they don't include a manual

    The Titan 3 is a professional commercial machine that has been created to withstand rigorous daily use. It is as tough as can be and can handle a variety of materials.  

    With the inclusion of the optical eye for accurate and precise contour cutting and the ability to handle intricate designs, this truly is a handy machine to have in your office or store! 

    5. Klick-n-Kut Maxx Air Review 

    The newest KNK Maxx Air models have stepped it up a notch by introducing bluetooth technology to the playing field! You can now set up your Klic n Kut machine out of the way.  

    Together with its optimum features, this machine might just be the best cutting machine for small businesses.

    With powerful motors that offer an incredible 1,500+ grams of cutting force; together with its quiet fast cutting capabilities (1mm - 800 mm p/s), this machine is perfect in a workplace environment.  

    Its compact size and commercial functionality that offers more complex images, offers a great combination to any business owner.

    The only drawback? The machine only operates on PC, so if you operate your business from a MAC, this is not the machine for you!


  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity
  • Powerful Motors
  • Quieter Faster Cutting
  • Faster Speeds around Curves 
  • Ability to Handle more Complex Images
  • CONS:

  • Compatible with PC only

    The combination of incredible features together with its very reasonable price tag makes this Klic n Kut Die Cutter Machine perfect for small businesses.  

    It has the capabilities to handle any industrial task, whilst still being a compact machine that operates quietly.  

    If you are a PC owner, then this is the machine for you and your business!

    Reasons why you Should Buy a Craft Cutter

    I'm sure you are here today to try and find the best plotter and read through our die cutting machine reviews because you already know that you want a vinyl cutting machine!  

    But for those of you who need a bit of convincing, below are our reasons why we personally love vinyl plotters.

    Versatility for Crafting

    In 2021 cutting machine for crafts and for commercial use are designed to be incredibly versatile.  You will be able to use this one piece of equipment for a wide variety of crafts including:

    • Decals
    • Stickers and Labels
    • Die-Cuts for Crafting such as Scrapbooking
    • 3D Objects
    • Cutting around contoured shapes
    • T Shirt Transfers
    • Signage
    • Origami
    • Car Wraps
    • Cards

    Some of the machines listed below, can even score, emboss, de-emboss, etch, stipple or scan and print!

    We love how quickly the vinyl cutting machines are advancing technology-wise. We love choices because we love creating a variety of different types of projects!

    Special Effects

    There are a lot of different finishes that cannot be created any other way that with a vinyl cutter, such as reflective designs, foil, shimmer, glitter, bling designs etc.  

    You can also pop a variety of different types of designs on multiple locations on your item, such as on a tshirt.

    Exceptional Durability

    The machines will last you for a very long period of time!

    Some machines on the market today in 2021, were released in 2010 and they are still strong contenders and still make lots of sales.  

    You won't need to replace your machine any time soon, so you know that your investment is worth it!


    Your ability to create whatever you need. You can use designs that you find online, design your own designs, you can customize vinyl designs for specific needs.  

    You can customize the size, you can customize the style, you can customize the color and you can customize the font or image.  Create away to your heart's desire!

    Vinyl Cutting Machine Names

    It will also be important to note that the machines go by all sorts of different names. We will use various variations of the names in our guide.

    Vinyl Cutters are called Various Names Including:

    • Craft Cutter Machine
    • Die Cut Sticker Machine
    • Stencil Cutting Machine
    • Vinyl Die Cutter
    • Vinyl Printer Cutter
    • Vinyl Decal Machine
    • Vinyl Plotter Cutter

    Commercial vs Personal Vinyl Cutter | Which One is Right for You?

    There is a massive difference in the market between a cutting machine for hobbyist compared to a commercial or small business vinyl cutter plotter. Their functionality is vastly different and their price range is extreme.  

    If you are after a vinyl crafting machine because you simply love to be creative at home, or maybe you even want to sell some goodies on Etsy or eBay, then a personal vinyl cutting machine should be just fine.  

    If you are planning on using your machine on a day-to-day basis to create items for your business, then you really need to invest in a professional vinyl cutter.

    A Personal Vinyl Cutting Machine

    Generally speaking those who are after an at home vinyl cutter machine, you are most likely after machines that are:

    • small and can fit on a desk in their house
    • designed for light use
    • that are versatile in functionality, maybe they can also scan or score or emboss or cut dies
    • can handle smaller projects due to the fact that the cutting base is generally small in size

    A Commercial Vinyl Cutter

    The benefits of a commercial vinyl printer plotter far outweighs those of a little personal vinyl cutting machine, some benefits include:

    Business Ideas:

    • Versatility and value!  If you choose to purchase a commercial vinyl machine, we hope you realize that it is a small investment for a BIG and quick return - short runs, no set up costs to create short run designs and products, it costs the same to produce 1 unique item as what it would cost to produce 10. 
    • The ability to perform on demand which creates loyalty with your clients and repeat business.
    • Independence to work for yourself rather than having to go through a middle-man where messages can be heard wrong and money you make is less.  
    • Profitability - It really is a small investment to start a business. You can get a vinyl cutter for under 2K and it won't take you long to earn enough profit to repay the machine.

    • Decoration and Personalization of Bags
    • T Shirt Transfer Business
    • Vehicle Sticker Branding Business
    • Signage Business
    • Home Decor Business
    • Custom Apparel Business

    Have you figured out whether you are after a home or commercial vinyl cutting machine?

    Are you looking for the best vinyl cutter for shirts?

    Now that you have read through all the plotter cutter reviews and hopefully found a new vinyl cutting machine for your office or business, why not hop over to our craft project section of our craft blog. We have loads of tutorials, project examples as well as step-by-step posts to help you.