High-Performance Belleville Spring Washers

Belleville spring washer, coned disc spring, and conical spring washer are all names for a type of spring that is a conically shaped disc that deflects (flattens) at a given rate. Conical spring washers have a high spring rate, resolve thermal expansion and can produce extremely high loads in a small area. They also absorb shock, provide dampening, and support high tension in bolted applications.

High-performance Solon Belleville spring washers, disc springs, and flange washers come in several material options and provide the versatility and durability you need for demanding applications. Browse the categories below to make a selection or use our washer calculator web tools for help selecting a Belleville washer style and size. 


Belleville spring washers are designed to create tight connections better than conventional springs and maintain bolt preload. Some of the applications for Belleville springs and washers include:

Belleville Spring and Washer Characteristics

Belleville springs are characterized by four geometrical variables including outside diameter (OD), inside diameter (ID), thickness (T) and overall height (H) as shown in the diagram below. Carefully consider each measurement before selecting a Belleville disc spring:  
  • Inside diameter represents the interior hole size of the disc spring and should match your bolt size.
  • Outside diameter measurement is maximum outside diameter of the washer
  • Thickness indicates the material thickness and disc spring height when it is flattened
  • Height measurements represent coned disc spring height in an unloaded state

Configurable to Meet Your Load and Deflection Requirements

Coned disc springs perform many of the same functions as helical springs but provide better performance in applications with limited space. They are also highly configurable to meet a range of load requirements.  A single Belleville spring washer provides specific load and deflection, while stacking two or more conical spring washers increases load and/or deflection.
Different methods of stacking Belleville springs & washers include:
  • Parallel stacking to double the load with no deflection increase
  • Series stacking to double deflection with no load increase
  • Parallel-series combination stacking to double load and deflection

High-Quality Belleville Springs Engineered for Precision

As a Belleville spring washer manufacturer in the USA for over 70 years, Belleville springs have been an integral part of the Solon Manufacturing product family. While other companies provide washers, springs, and locknuts, Solon’s standard for excellence continues to distinguish us from our competitors.

Attention to engineering detail along with investments in technology and resources have given us the opportunity to provide high-quality Belleville springs and washers to customers of all sizes. 
We offer coned disc springs in a variety of styles, sizes, heights, and thicknesses to meet different tolerance requirements. When selecting a spring, consider your size and load requirements, as well as the operating environment. Material selection is also important and determined by your bolt material, operating temperature, environment, and application.

Belleville DIN and Disc Springs

DIN and disc springs are designed for use in demanding applications when a large number of deflection cycles or forces are critical. Examples include bearing assemblies, valve live loading and heavy equipment. DIN and disc springs are available in 17-7 PH Stainless Steel, 301 Stainless Steel, Inconel and finished carbon steel in metric sizes from 2.5mm to 125mm.

Belleville Flange Washers

Flange washers maintain sufficient bolt tension and resultant gasket stresses in high-temperature and high-pressure applications and do not need to be retorqued once installed. Examples include flange/bonnet gasket live loading, heat exchangers, actuators and cryogenic applications. Choose from several high-performance materials and a range of inside diameters, outside diameters, heights, and thicknesses.  

Imperial Belleville Washers

Imperial washers produce high loads in a small space and prevent bolt tension loss due to differential thermal expansion. We offer conical disc springs in imperial sizes with an inside diameter from 7/64” to 2 ½” and outside diameters from 1/4” to 5.50”.

Metric Belleville Washers

Metric Belleville washers feature the same design and high-performance material options as imperial coned disc springs but in metric sizes. Our metric conical spring washers are offered in Belleville spring, flange and DIN/disc spring options with metric sizes ranging from 4mm to 125mm depending on the style selected.

Solon is An American Manufacturer of Belleville Spring Washers

If you need additional information, visit our Resources Library for technical notes and additional information on sizes, materials, and finishes. If you have questions, contact our engineers for assistance.
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