Water Well & Geothermal Applications

Matrix manufactures API Rotary Drill Pipe for both water well and geothermal applications. Matrix addresses the geothermal industry by manufacturing API Drill Pipe and its proprietary Geothermal Drill Rod. The Matrix Geothermal Drill Rod was developed specifically for the high production drilling associated with the geothermal industry. The design emphasizes faster make and break enabled by our unique multi-start thread – field proven to boost your production.

Matrix Rotary Drill Pipe delivers durability and extended wear life as we use the finest alloy steel heat treat the tool joints maximizing their strength and durability. We are leaders in plasma arc welding technology which uniquely delivers the industry’s strongest welds – superior to inertia welding and other arc welding process.

We manufacture a complete range of drill pipe diameters, lengths, mid grades, and wall thicknesses to suit our customer’s specific requirements. Plasma arc welding technology enables Matrix to offer light wall drill pipe to increase ease of handling, relative hoisting capacity, and the ability to minimize truck load capacity required to transport drill pipe to the field or alternatively we can supply a heavy wall pipe.

Small Diameter Dual Tube Drill Rods

Our small diameter dual tube RC rods have found favor on work sites that require the containment of drilling residue.

Geothermal Drill Pipe

This drill rod was developed specifically for the geothermal heat loop industry. The challenge was to design a drill rod that could differentiate itself in terms of speed of make-up and breakout, providing a distinct advantage to the user in terms of productivity per shift. Also, the drill rod had to be exceptionally durable and outlast the competition. The Matrix engineering team designed a unique heavy duty double start thread that accomplished both goals. Head to head testing and years of field experience conclusively show that our rod is a faster, longer wear life product.


Matrix manufactures wash down casing in a wide range of diameters, thread profiles, and lengths to suit your specific application. We manufacture Symmetrix, Tubex, and Odex style overburden casing as well as Dual Rotary Casing. Diameters up to 36” are available.

Rotary Drill Pipe

Designed for use with an air dropline. Industry standard API and modified threading options are available.

Drill Collars

Matrix Drill Collars are used to achieve correct weight on bit (WOB) to maximize penetration rates while keeping the drill string in tension. We offer multiple collar diameters, lengths, and wall thicknesses to match your specific application. We are happy to work with you in meeting your drilling challenges and we’re only a phone call away to discuss your requirements.

Subs and Accessories

Subs – Air/Mud Rotary

Matrix provides the finest range of subs, Spindle Subs, Bit Subs, and Saver Subs manufactured from premium 4140 heat treated alloy steel bar. We offer a choice of threaded connections including API Reg – IF – FH – Mayhew – Mayhew Jr.

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Customized Tooling For Your Business

Maximize your drilling equipment with our tooling
  •  “In our general area we began to witness the need for deeper well completions. The Matrix design fit the bill for incorporation into the construction of these wells. By adding capability to our existing equipment, in multiple instances, we have witnessed a fuel burn rate reduction of over 35% as compared to previously used strings and bottom hole assembly designs. “We plan on continuing to configure our equipment with Matrix drill pipe. Thank you for making a great product.”

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