“The Art of Channel Letters Through Precision Automation”

Let Ascent Experts Assemble All the Pieces of The Equipment Puzzle for your Company

Why choose Ascent Equipment as your Partner for Sign Manufacturing Equipment?

Ascent Equipment was created by experienced, quality sign makers and machinery design engineers to provide sign manufacturing companies with the latest technology in high-tech equipment for producing channel letters. The principals at Ascent Equipment have over 35 years of experience in manufacturing signs and experience designing and manufacturing equipment and electronics. Together we have designed the CNC systems to produce the highest quality channel letters at the lowest cost in the industry. 

At Ascent, we don’t believe in proprietary materials. You can purchase all the materials for us or in a large volume directly from the manufacturers. All our equipment is the state-of-the-art latest technology;

The technology was proven by selling more than 40,000 machines worldwide.

Our equipment is designed to have the most accurate output with the lowest labor content in the industry.

We may not be the only channel letter bending machines company in North America, but we have certainly raised the bar.

All equipment includes shipping, installation, setup, and training at your facility from North American technicians.

Installation of every machine is performed by our certified engineer who will also provide full training to your staff.

The best warranty in the business two years of materials and labor!

Lifetime free Internet/telephone support, remote diagnostic and software updates.




Fourth-generation Ascent bending machine process aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, non-proprietary aluminum UL extrusion/profiles, and other “exotic” materials. The machine produces Letters without trim, Reverse/halo (without welding), Plastic side return, Epoxy letters, and other types of channel letters. There is no tools change over (all software-driven) comes completely calibrated.

We guarantee the industry’s simplest assembly process with the lowest labor costs and competitive prices on Ascent UL aluminum extrusions/profiles for side returns.

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Bending machine to make “notching and flanging” trim cap and reverse/halo type channel letters from aluminum coils up to 0.063” and stainless steel. 

A full-scale machine high output very accurate with a tight radius bending option and the most affordable price.

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Ascent-TM3 Trim Machine

Ascent Trim Machine is an “industry-first” that converts flat aluminum into 1” trim and then automatically forms the trim into the letter’s shape.

In addition, the machine can process all traditional plastic trims.

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Ascent-TMB3 Bead Bending Machine & Trim Machine

The machines have three functions: 

  • Making side return from 0.040” aluminum “bead” type
  • Converts flat aluminum into 1” trim and then automatically forms the trim into the letter’s shape
  • Process all traditional plastic trims
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Channel Letters Stapler

Ascent stapler connects the side return to the back of the channel letter with galvanized or stainless-steel crown staples for notching and flanging type letters

The machines are designed to work with 0.040” up to 0.063” aluminum and ACM (Composite Aluminum Material) 

Very easy to operate, using standard industrial crown staples

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Laser Welder

Fiber and YAG lasers

The 1500W or 2000W fiber welder was upgraded with new technology for steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Replacing traditional welding techniques.

Extremely easy to use, does not require lengthy training, can weld aluminum (from less than 0.040”)

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Laser Cutters

Price/performance breakthroughs include installation by factory technicians and two years warranty.

Fiber laser cutter 4000W, 5’x10’ for metal cutting completely enclosed with shuttle table for loading and unloading.

CO2 laser cutter 280W, 4’x8’ accurate screw drive and servo system for nonmetal materials such as acrylic.

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CNC Routers

5’x10’ or 4’x8’ or custom sizes with or without Automatic Tools Changer

Direct drive Japanese servo system , screw-drive and Italian spindle.

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