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Waterjet Cutting

  • Improved economic efficiency

    To make sure you always have the suitable solution with the best price-performance ratio, we have developed 3 innovative product lines. Our focusing tubes are suitable for all modern cutting head systems and support automatic centring during mounting.

    As we take care of all process phases from the carbide powder to the ready-to-use solution we can always offer you top-class product quality, precision and performance at the highest level. Close hole tolerances, perfect grind and concentricity guarantee precise working results.

Thanks to high product availability you can order our water-jet nozzles quickly and flexibly 24/7 from our online shop. Our employees are available throughout the world to provide technical advice wherever and whenever you need it.

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    • Comprehensive range of solutions

      In addition to our full line of abrasive jet focusing tubes, we are capable of producing any wear products out of variable carbide configurations. We manufacture many variations of mixing chambers with different grades of carbide due to the differing wear characteristics within these chambers. We also manufacture plungers for high pressure pumps, splash discs, catcher cups, inlet guides, wear plates, restrictor shields and inlet tubes as examples of our capabilities. Anything that requires additional wear properties greater than that provided by steel is a great option to explore in carbide.

    • Product lines

      Focusing tubes are particularly stressed by the severe erosion of the abrasive during water-jet cutting. We have developed improved wear protection for this. Constantly high cutting quality is achieved thanks to our optimised carbide grades. To ensure that you always receive the optimal solution for your application, we have developed 3 innovative water jet nozzle lines for you based on state-of-the-art manufacturing technology:

      • Economy: Cost-optimised high quality
      • Standard: Ideal price-performance ratio
      • Premium+: Tool life increased by up to 30%
    • Application range

      General mechanical engineering:

      Sheet metal, Stone, Glass, Composites


      Packaging industry:

      Plastic, Composite materials, Glass - for highly precise cuts


      Automotive industry:

      Carpet, Headlining, Dashboard, Composite materials


      Food technology:

      Pasteurisation, Meat, Frozen products



      Wing components, Struts, Composite materials, Heat-resistant metals


      Construction industry

      Stone working surfaces, Steel, Glass

    Advantages & Benefits

    The right solution for every application

    3-line concept with optimal price-performance ratio; customer-specific special solutions can also be supplied on request


    Particularly flexible and economical

    Suitable for all modern cutting head systems; supports automatic centring when clamping the tube


    Minimised machine downtime resulting in maximum productivity

    Long tool life and repeatability of the new Premium+ product line


    Top-class product quality, precision & performance at the highest quality level

    All process phases from a single source, from the carbide powder to the ready-to-use solution


    Precise working results

    Close hole tolerances, perfect grind and concentricity


    Quick and flexible delivery

    High product availability, orders 24/7 via the E-Techstore


    Comprehensive technical advice on site within 24 hours

    Worldwide service and sales


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