Metal Working Tools

Metal Working Tools – Hand Tools for Sheet Metal Forming and Fabrication

Tools for Custom Metal Fabrication

If your race team, repair shop, auto body shop, machine shop or business needs metal working tools for custom metal fabrications, then Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products has the machine shop tools you need for repairs, customization and parts production. Mittler Bros. offers product lines of sheet metal brakes, tube notchers, bending equipment, cutting equipment, shrinker/stretchers and handheld metalworking tools that you need for automotive repairs, racecar customization, parts production and assembly for manufacturers, and custom industrial automation services.

Although our passion is for creating the best “Made in the USA” equipment for racing teams, our equipment is ideal for repair shops, manufacturers and even for airplane/aviation and marine applications.

Metal Working Tools and Handheld Metal Forming Tools for Custom Fabrications—Contact Mittler Bros.

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Mittler Bros. Metal Working Tools

Mittler Bros. offers a wide range of automated, air compressor and hydraulic equipment designed for sheet metal fabrication and manipulation; and we sell handheld metal working tools that are ideal for finishing your product or repair/replacement parts.

Some of the categories of metal working tools available direct from Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products include:

  • Metal forming hand tools – hammers, mallets, blocking hammers, bossing mallets, pliers, high capacity offset snips (right cut and left cut models), hand seamers, air pop rivet gun, swivel riveting tool, T-dollies (straight and curved), slappers and shot bags, Clecos, Cleco kits, and side grip clamps
  • Sheet metal brakes – box and pan brakes, 22 gauge brake, radius brake, 52” foot shear, and a wide range of accessories
  • Tube notchers – single and variable speed notchers, double-sided VS tube notcher, hydraulic tube notchers, hole saw notchers, cutters, manual and hydraulic notching equipment accessories, vise stop assemblies, shims, notch and bend levels, standard and hydraulic dies, pumps, punches and many additional products
  • Tube benders – 180˚ and 90˚ hydraulic and manual benders, 180˚ and 90˚ bender shoe sets, adjustable saddles, bend stop, bend protractors, pumps, and even tube bending design software that is ideal for manufacturers or repairs on difficult to replicate panels and parts; and many other additional parts and tools
  • Presses – manual, hydraulic and 10 ton ram models of bench presses, Louver press punches, Louver presses and kits, punch and die mounting kits; round, oblong, square, hex, and rectangle punches and dies; wide range of punches, dies and flares for various equipment, Dzus punches, metric punches; shearing equipment, corner punches, 90˚ benders; and many other accessories
  • Sheet metal fabrication equipment – wide range of shrinker/stretchers, English wheels, Planishing hammers, power hammers, Beverly shears
  • Aircraft tools – many parts, tools and equipment are also ideal for sheet metal fabrication for manufacturing and/or repairs to airplanes; many of our tools are ideal for marine/boating manufacturing and repair applications as well

Contact Mittler Bros. for all of your metal working tools and sheet metal fabrication equipment needs. If you represent a manufacturer or industrial business, we also offer custom industrial automation equipment and design services.

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