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Filter paper performance chart

Types No.3 No.4
(hard type)
No.5A No.5B No.5C No.6 No.7 GFP
 Pore sizes (µ)  5 1 7 4 1 3 4 0.8 0.5
 Speed  Bit first  Very slow  First  Bit first  Slow Bit slow  Bit first  First  Very late
 Herzberg Method*  120  1200  55  195  570  300  200  0.6  0.24
 Thickness (mm)  0.23  0.17  0.22  0.22 0.21  0.19  0.19    
Ash Content (g)
 0.0001  0.00006 0.00004 0.00004 0.00004 0.00002 0.000007    
 Uses  Soil Cement Fertilizer
Minerals quantitative analysis
  Strong acid Strong alcaline Rough filtration Normal filtration  Fine filtration  Normal filtration  Normal filtration Needing chemical stability  Emulsion samples
 Characteristics  Thick paper
Speedy filtering
Tough  Speedy filtering  Slow  On holding fine perticles  Bit slow  Thin paper
Low ash content
 High volume sediments Conteins little organic binder
*Herzberg Method flow times is the time in seconds required to filter 100mL of distilled water at 20ºC under pressure supplied by a 10cm water column through a 10cm² section of filter paper.
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