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Lathe Faceplates
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Lathe Faceplates

Wood lathe faceplates are a popular method for mounting wood on a lathe because they are simple (no moving parts), inexpensive and have great holding power. Lathe faceplates come in a variety of materials - cast iron, carbon or stainless steel. Faceplates are also available in a variety of sizes and threads common to most wood lathes. Confused about how to select the best faceplate for your turning style? Features to consider when buying a wood lathe faceplate:
  1. Number of screw holds and size - will #8 to #12 screws fit? These factors vary based on the size of the faceplate and the size of the blank you will be mounting.
  2. Spinning in reverse for sanding requires a faceplate set screw to prevent the plate and blank from unthreading.
  3. Method for removing the faceplate - a place for a wrench or holes for a tommy bar to free the faceplate from the lathe will be helpful.

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Oneway Cast Iron Faceplate - 10 inch
Price: Starting at $131.99
Oneway Faceplate - Cast Iron - 8 inch
Price: Starting at $114.99
Rikon Faceplate 1 inch-8tpi
Price: Starting at $18.99
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